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MUX Performance Management System is an API-first platform, operated by data and built by video experts to make great videos feasible for any development team. MUX is a performance monitoring tool for content developers and media publishers that aim to improve the effectiveness of online video viewers’ experience. The platform integrates video encoding, storage, and distribution to a single device. It is crafted for developers to add video capabilities to their software applications.

MUX Pricing

MUX Performance Management System produces customized video variants for multiple devices and link speeds. MUX Pricing is $0.05 per min of input video duration. MUX securely stores elevated-quality, compressed video variants that are available to be downloaded, MUX pricing for that costs $0.003 per min of video duration stored. MUX delivers content to the audiences via advanced platforms for the best viewing experience available; the MUX pricing costs $0.0013 per min of video delivered.

MUX Demo

MUX provides a demo for its product. The link for the demo is on the company website. Apart from this, there is a demo video on how a user can customize is present on the company website.


API-first- Analyze data in real-time and monitor all the video performances. Follow every single view and stream to any screen with the best quality available.

Security: Signed URLs- Build several playback IDs, each one with a public or signed playback policy. Manage to sign keys i.e. build, delete, list by using the MUX Video API. Secure your private key in a controlled fashion.

Watermarking- Place and scale a watermark, regardless of the size or form of the input picture. Set size, height, and margins either using percent or pixel alternatives. Use additional inputs to get various watermarks.

Direct Upload- Provide an authorized upload URL to the client applications so that information can be published explicitly to MUX without any intermediate steps. Save information regarding the current file in the application whenever the user makes the upload, including who uploaded it and when, specific details about the video, like titles, labels, etc


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MUX Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Adaptive Streaming”

The API can encode on-the-go to allow instant playback, improve user experience through various devices and networks. It also offers an infrastructure for adaptive streaming.
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

Apr 25, 2020

“Efficient API and feature-rich”

It is designed with an efficient API, allowing plug-ins and scripts to have additional flexibility and features tailored for the needs. It supports all of the user''s favorite streaming services and more.
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