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EyeEm houses 100m stock images with 25m photographers from around 150 countries providing a global photography community and marketplace with photo sharing and social networking with the ability to share, interact and learn more about photography.

Through EyeEm Vision, enforces deep learning computer vision to recognize concepts and rank aesthetics of images and artificial intelligence to tag and rank images based on aesthetic score of every photo which further help find the best images to license by brands, agencies or individuals looking for authentic imagery. Known immensely for EyeEm’s photo Missions, Market and global exhibitions which showcases the community’s work to brands, individuals and any other third parties interested in licensing images. 

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EyeEm is a private technology company with a global photography community and marketplace with photo sharing and social networking. and the EyeEm mobile app is a place for photographers of any ability to share, interact and learn more about photography. Through EyeEm Vision, a deep learning computer vision framework it recognizes concepts and ranks aesthetics of images. And EyeEm's image recognition technology uses artificial intelligence to tag and rank images based on an aesthetic score assigned to each photo and further find the best images to license to brands, agencies or individuals looking for authentic imagery.

EyeEm Features

  • Cutting-edge Computer Vision Technology (EyeEm Vision)
  • Incorporates computer vision technology to understand the visual style of businesses, letting find what required faster
  • Recognizes concepts and ranks aesthetics of images using EyeEM Vision

  • Keywording using Tags and Captions
  • Generates automatic tagging and captioning with concrete objects and keywords  for every photo
  • Enriches searchability for the entire library with support for the most widely spoken languages, and enforces custom models to even train EyeEm Vision to recognize any new concept within seconds

  • Aesthetic Analysis
  • Analysed using EyeEm Vision’s advanced algorithm to score photos based on their aesthetic quality and relevance to the brand's visual identity
  • Provides flexibility to train our own aesthetic model and instantly filter content to match our style leading for personalized aesthetics

  • Production Solution with Search, Minus the Off-brand Results
  • Offers houses +100m high-quality photos ready to license being budget-friendly and 100% safe for global commercial use with use of computer vision
  • Delivers visual assets for online, POS, social and print advertising for promotion of products of leading businesses and brands enhancing visual communication

EyeEm Pricing

EyeEm provides pricing and licenses in three categories to find and buy millions of photos that meet the budget accordingly. The EyeEm Pricing is purely based on the business requirements and offers additional benefits with every other scheme that it offers. Here is the EyeEm Pricing model:

  1. Essential (Photos that meet our everyday visual needs): 29€ per photo, 26€ per photo(5 photo pack) and 23€ per photo(10 photo pack)
  • With unique and authentic stock photos allows instant downloading making it perfect for kick-starting new projects, presentations, internal communication, and everyday social media to get more with our budget.

  1. Premium (High-quality photos to elevate brand value): 199€ per photo
  • With more premium quality and high-resolution images, it opens a wide scope to push creative boundaries making it perfect for our brand campaign, out of home advertising, or print assets.
  • Gives exploring opportunities with  millions of professional, high-quality images at the best price point along with collaboration with pro-photographers to discover photos from an ever-growing network of photography professionals worldwide.
  1. Enterprise Solutions (To meet our exact requirements and budget): On-demand
  • Provides custom licensing deals, photo packs, and production services that meet our needs and access to an all-in-one platform with pro-features like team collaboration tools, personalized search, custom collections from image experts and industry specific curations with affordable and  on-demand commercial photo and video productions world-wide.


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EyeEm Reviews


Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 04, 2020

“Easy Licensing and Royalty Focused Selling”

EyeEm provides finest business out of all top-notch technology incorporated with expert support leading users/businesses to earn as much as 50% per total sale along with copyrights for the work. Helps better collaboration for individuals with businesses with ease of license to access and work around.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Community-focused and Learning Platform”

EyeEm is more of a community for collaboration, learning and also a marketplace for brands and businesses and also the individuals to share, interact and learn more about photography, Missions and exhibitions plays a vital role in connecting people and businesses around the globe.
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