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YouPic USP

YouPic photo management software comes with an easy to use graphical user interface which helps photographers to upload their digital images easily. It has a community of photographers from ametuer level to highly proferssional experts. The more a photograph is able to create engagement on the website the more appreciation the photographer gets. The photographs are reviewed on the basis of technicality ,creativity and composition. It caters to all types of photographers from freelancers to photography business owners.

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YouPic photo management software provides photographers to showcase their work worldwide. This also helps in managing, sharing, viewing and monitoring digital photos along with getting reviews and feedback on the photographs from experts. It serves the community of photographers to increase their brand value and improve their work. The photographs are reviewed on the basis of technicality ,creativity and composition in YouPic software. 




→ Rights and Ownership Management

  • Get 100% credit for showcasing high quality digital images.
  • Manage digital photographs at a centralised location considering it as the intellectual property of the creator. 

→ Brand building

  • Showcase your photographs and create engagement to stand out from others.
  • Increase brand value by getting hired worldwide by uploading photographs.


→ Photography shop management

  • Create a personally owned shop to sell digital photographs without giving commission.
  • Purchase master pieces of digital photographs from a budding photographer or an expert.


→ Review and Feedback

  • Get reviews on the photographs in order to know the pros and cons of your piece of art
  • Get feedback depending on four criteria- content, technical quality, creativity and composition.


→ Learn and Explore Photography

  • Learn the different techniques and methodologies used in photography by joining interactive courses and workshops held by experts.
  • Explore photographs on the basis of skills, style and subject from different parts of the world. 

YouPic Pricing


Based on your business requirements, YouPic Pricing plans can cost from $499 per user to $2999 per user, per month. Here are the YouPic pricing segments:


  1. Enthusiast- $499/user/month
  2. Premium-$999/user/month
  3. Pro- $2999/user/month

YouPic Demo


YouPic photo management software provides a free demo on its websites through videos. It also provides online interactive courses and workshops to teach the art of photography.


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YouPic Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 04, 2020

“Shop from home”

You Pic is an easy to use application which gives photographers an opportunity to generate revenue from home. Selling and purchasing of photographs is made easy and photographers can grab work projects in just one click.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Statistical feedback”

You Pic provides a statistical data which helps photographers to analyse their performance. It gives a view of overall scoring along with the most popular pictures thus helping the photographer know the areas of improvement
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