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Corel Presentations USP

The greatest strength of Corel Presentations Presentation Software against any other presentation software is its superior graphical manipulation quality. It allows for more creativity in creating the visual aspects of presentations, making them more compelling and persuasive. Its compatibility also ensures that presentations will function smoothly irrespective of device specifications or programs.

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Presentations from Corel is a part of the WordPerfect suite consisting of a number of office tools. Corel Presentations Presentation Software is built for presentation through multimedia and hence incorporated with audio, video and textual elements. Data is presented in a slideshow format, specifically made for such occasions as business meetings, sales pitches, or workshop sessions. 

Presentations can also be used to create graphics such as charts or flyers for printing or embedding in other files. The user interface is similar to that of Microsoft PowerPoint, and files are also savable in the PowerPoint format.  

Corel Presentations Pricing

Corel Presentations Presentation Software can be downloaded as part of the WordPerfect Office suite. Among the pricing options, different packs can be downloaded for the professional, student, and home uses. The pricing options are different based on use.

  • Standard Edition - $219 
  • Professional Edition - $380
  • Home and Student Edition - $90


Corel Presentations Demo

A free version of the software is available with advertisements. Free trials are also available for each version. Numerous tutorials and screenshots are available for training in the software. 


Greater Creativity
  • The software enables to create presentations that explore creative methods of addressing topics
  • It also enables users to employ creative faculties through diverse tools and features

Design effectiveness

  • The software enables to use of superior designs and visuals for better graphical representations
  • It helps to download ready to use templates from Corel user’s community
  • The software permits to embed graphics using superior graphics and image manipulation features
  • It is also capable to apply slide transitions and graphics in a simple and easy manner

Supports multiple formats
  • The software exports slides to PNG, JPEG, HTML, and other file formats
  • ‘Show on the Go’ enables presentations to be played on systems without the software

Automate complex tasks

  • It uses macro-programming to save time on repetitive steps or tasks
  • The software includes Microsoft Visual Basic for applications to embed interactive elements 

More Compatibility

  • It operates in two modes: Presentations mode and Microsoft PowerPoint mode
  • The software also helps you save files as PDF, PowerPoint, and multiple other formats


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Corel Presentations
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Corel Presentations Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Presentation is Fun”

Corel Presentations has never left a session hanging because it has options to make presentations work anywhere. Switching to Corel was one of the best decisions for the business.
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Buyer, Technology Consultant

Apr 25, 2020

“Business Presentation made Easy”

Making sales presentations have become a fun task thanks to Corel Presentations. It brings a new level of creativity and innovation to the task.
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