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Cyviz Presentation Software enables real-time collaboration like no other by providing uncompromised quality in streaming and visualization. It connects multiple rooms with diverse environments that are monitored and controlled in a centralized manner. Cyviz’s standardized rooms ensure that quality is not jeopardized at any point, or in any environment. The facility for a remote support operator to control and solve issues is another laudable feature. Regular updates with new features and improvements are also regularly provided. The icing on the cake, however, is Cyviz’s high-performance data visualization capabilities. 

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Cyviz Presentation Software offers effective virtual meetings and video wall solutions to connect businessmen who are spread out geographically. Its secure and refined software apparatus makes it ideal for business environments where safety is a top priority. Cyviz Presentation Software is apt for large displays such as video walls to control meetings between multiple users and groups. The high-resolution clear images transmitted via Cyviz blurs the line between the virtual and the real. Communication is made easy through Cyviz’s organization and control over standardized rooms, with cost-effective support and maintenance. 

Cyviz Pricing

Cyviz pricing options differ based on industry and organizational needs. Cyviz pricing options can be obtained through direct contact with the seller. The pricing is tailormade for every business from scratch. 

Cyviz Demo

A demo version of Cyviz can be obtained by contacting the seller. Existing clients and potential clients get great help from the support team while exploring the application.  


Command and control 
  • Control meeting environments for highest quality and functionality
  • Identify and eliminate issues through remote control

Collaborate easily

  • Cyviz Easy Platform connects multiple rooms and solutions
  • Build collaborative workspace through high-quality video and large data sharing facilities

Minimize effort

  • Save time and resources spent in identifying and solving issues
  • Access and solve issues in all parts of the system through diagnostic tools

Centralized management

  • Manage all systems through the central webserver 
  • Obtain fish-eye view of systems, configuration, equipment and software versions

Effective standardization

  • Maintain quality of communication across multiple rooms irrespective of other factors
  • Ensure ease of use and certainty of working in every instance

Work with data

  • Share and store large amounts of data for effective collaboration
  • Use data visualization facilities to aid the proceedings of meetings


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Cyviz Reviews


Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Seamless Video Calling”

Video conferencing through Cyviz has greatly improved communication across teams. The process is simple and easy to execute for all users.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020


The data visualization features on Cyviz are especially useful in presenting during virtual meetings. It makes presentations more effective and engaging for customers.
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