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Hypersay USP

The major USP of Hypersay Presentation Software is that it allows users to make creative and interactive presentations/sessions. It helps to increase efficiency by measuring the participation of the audience. This further helps to improve the presentations and engage in the future. The cloud-based Hypersay Presentation Software allows users to store and share presentations.

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Hypersay Presentation Software is a cloud-based presentation tool that allows the users to create live and interactive presentations by adding lice polls, quizzes, opinion scales, and open questions. It enables users to interact with their audience as well as observe the participation of the audience by adding a claps feature to the presentation.

Hypersay Pricing 

Hypersay Pricing provides subscriptions ranging from ₹2677.50 to 11,398.50. The subscriptions can be monthly or annually billed. The Company offers a free session of up to 10 participants. Here is a list of detailed Hypersay Pricing segments: 

  • Single Presentation- ₹305.24/presentation; 10-200 participants or sessions
  • Individual Plan- ₹1146.74/month, 10-200 participants or sessions
  • Events- ₹3825/month, 10-500 participants or sessions

Hypersay Demo

Videos on how to use Hypersay Presentation Software are available on the official YouTube channel of Hypersay. There are demo videos available on the website too. Contact customer service for a free demo or trial.


Interactive Features
  • Add templates available of live polls and quizzes to the slides. It also offers options to add opinion scales and open questions for assessing the opinion of participants.
  • Add interactive images and embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo to make the presentations more engaging and creative.

Live Presentations
  • Share the slides with the audience in real-time. It also allows unregistered participants to join the session. 
  • Moderate questions in the session asked by the participants to make the session more interactive.

Audience Interaction

  • Let the audience take private notes which stay linked to the slides.
  • Get feedback from the audience after the end of each session. 

Data Analytics and Follow-Up Emails

  • Get session analytics to measure the engagement of the participants in the session.
  • Send a follow-up email to the registered participants at the end of the session instantly.


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Hypersay Reviews


James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Responsive and Smooth Experience”

The Hypersay tool allows having a smooth and seamless experience as can function on low bandwidth. This gives the users as well as participants to operate with mobile web connections.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Easy-to-Make Sophisticated Live Interaction/Presentation”

The application allows importing or uploading of the PowerPoint Presentation and add live features like quizzes, open question and polls.
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