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Knovio USP

Knovio Presentation Software is a cloud computing tool that provides access from anywhere and anytime. Its user interface is easy to use and is highly adaptable with different devices and browsers. Once the recording and previewing of a presentation are done, it provides instant publishing and sharing. The published presentations are stored in the KVCentral library. This tool mainly caters to teachers, trainers, educators, students, and small as well as large-sized businesses.

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Knovio Presentation Software is a cloud-based software application to create professional-looking presentations, providing learning through videos and organizing live events and conferences by the usage of slides and images. The downloaded and rendered Knovio links can be shared on social media sites including youtube and slide share. It helps businesses to create eye-catchy presentations without the need of a design expert. 

Knovio Pricing

Based on your business requirements, Knovio pricing plans can cost from $5 per user to $250 per user, per month. Here are the Knovio pricing segments:

  • For business:
  1. Starter - $35/user/month
  2. Premium -$250/user/month
  • For educators:
  1. Pro- $15/user/month
  2. Gold- $30/user/month
  • For students: 
  1. Annual-$5/user/month
  2. Semester- $7/user/month
  3. Monthly- $10/user/month

Knovio Demo

Knovio Presentation Software provides a free demo for all its versions with the software in the form of videos. Knovio Presentation Software also provides a free ebook which serves as a user guide to explain the working of the software.


Audio Narration

  • Record audio suitable for the selected slides using a microphone or webcam.
  • Type speaker notes for the selected image which can be previewed on the recording screen.

Video Learning

  • Measure the performance of the videos and user engagement by the tracking tool.
  • Create and cater a personalized learning portal based on the content collection of a specific niche. 

Compliance and Certification

  • Assess which learning material is performing well in the market by using analytics and comprehension assessment.
  • Measure the progress of each learning participant and automatically provide certificates on completion.

Multilive webcasting

  • Reach out to a mass audience live throughout the globe with live presentation webcasting.
  • Create a live experience as per viewer's demand by including high-quality videos and real-time zoom control.

Event management

  • Promote the events and conferences along with the speakers before the actual event by using “showcases”.
  • Monetize the live event or conference and get paid on the basis of pay per view by credit cards or pay-pal.



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Knovio Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Effective training”

Train the new clients and interact with them efficiently within less time with the help of interactive content thus speeding up the entire process of training. Create short videos rapidly to increase customer engagement whenever a new topic is explained.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Easy recording and re-recording”

This platform comes loaded with two buttons for operating the recording procedure which are record slide and re-record slide. The record slide button is used when the first time recording of the narration is done. Then it is previewed if it requires changes then the re-record button comes into action.
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