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Microsoft PowerPoint USP

MS PowerPoint comes with customized colour schemes, animation effects, which is quite important for a presentation to make it look much more professional. Another most unique feature of PowerPoint is it helps in making custom shows and manage hyperlinks, which are quite beneficial for making presentations. The user interface of the software is quite lucid which makes it easy to use.

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This is one of the oldest yet useful presentation software that Microsoft developed. The software is the standard component of the Microsoft Office software. When buying Microsoft Office, you will be getting the software along with Excel, Word, and various other productivity tools. It is one of the oldest and trustworthy tools for making presentations. With the help of it, creating presentations, collaborating as well as the idea presentation becomes easy. The professional user interface of the software is quite impressive and helps in making some outstanding presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint Pricing:

The software comes bundled with other Microsoft software, and the complete Microsoft PowerPoint Pricing of Microsoft Office 365 is Rs 5299/year. Or else, it can be bought for every single month with Rs 530. Apart from that, the software comes with a one-month free trial and can be shared with almost six members of the family. It can be either purchased or subscribed annually. To know more about the latest Microsoft PowerPoint Pricing related information, one can visit on their official website and request a query.

Microsoft PowerPoint Demo:

The software comes with a free demo that is available online, which helps in giving a simple and lucid demo about the different ways of making presentations. Various features are available and proper utilization can only be understood with the help of a demo.

Microsoft PowerPoint Features:

  • Smart Art
  • Offer a key feature to make professional diagrams, texts or pictures, which helps in giving a professional look
  • Help in making organization charts, which provides variety to the presentation slides
  • Image Insertion
  • Help in making presentations even more enhanced and professional since it makes the presentations easy to understand
  • Offer Clip art which can be used and apart from that, illustrations, video, audio can be inserted from the ‘All media file types’
  • Animations are important
    • Allow transition effects and animations to be applied on all the slides along with the titles as well as the text boxes
    • Help in making the presentations look much professional using the animations
  • Slide transitions
  • Use of the slide transitions helps in making your presentations look much more clear.
  • Consist of different slide transitions, which is necessary for making presentations look more presentable


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Microsoft PowerPoint
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  • +10
    3D Objects
  • +5
    Ad sets
  • +10
    Animations & Transitions
  • +13
    Auto Save
  • +14
  • +14
    Collaboration Tools
  • +12
  • +14
    Customer Service
  • +6
    Customizable Templates
  • +9
    Drag and Drop Editing
  • +14
    Export File Types
  • +8
    Font Selection
  • +7
  • +10
    Image Editor
  • +8
    Marketing Campaign Budget
  • +10
    Mobile App
  • +11
    Offline Editing
  • +12
    Offline Presenting
  • +8
    Platform Search
  • +12
    Presenter Tools
  • -13
    System Integration

Microsoft PowerPoint Reviews


Buyer Insurance

May 13, 2020

“Advantage of Transitions and Animations”

Normal presentations can turn monotonous and PowerPoint brings with it the advantage of transitions and animations, which can turn any simple presentation into a professional one
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 13, 2020

“Easy to Navigate”

PowerPoint comes with easy to navigate interface, which is important to make presentations that will look clean and precise. Pricing on subscriptions is available.
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