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mysimpleshow USP

mysimpleshow Presentation Software is the tool that is used by corporates to create informative videos that are crisp, precise, easy to understand with a blend of creativity in the form of storytelling. These video presentations are helpful for introducing and explaining any service or product. It caters to a vast target group which includes recruitment and training, marketing, content marketing, project management, social media, and brand building. It helps organizations to communicate their vision and goals in the form of stories. 

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mysimpleshow Presentation Software is an online tool available for corporates to create and develop explainer videos in a professional manner within a few minutes with the use of its extraordinary yet easy to use features. It helps corporate individuals and businesses to present their ideas and strategies in the form of visuals by writing a story. It serves them to create presentations in video format of complex and difficult topics in a very simple manner which can be understood by the target audience easily. One of the unique features is mysimpleshow pricing.

Mysimpleshow Pricing

Based on your business requirements, subscription to mysimpleshow pricing ranges from $129 per user to $499 per user, per month. Below are the mysimpleshow pricing segments-

  1. Business-$129/user/month
  2. Professional - $499/user/month

mysimpleshow Demo

mysimpleshow Presentation Software provides a free demo in the form of examples which are video clips made by using it. It gives information on how to make creative video clips which are self-explanatory.



Video Creation and Editing

  • Arrange the videos in any order, replace them or edit them as per the requirement.
  • Generate a storyboard by selecting a storyline template or uploading a PowerPoint file.


  • Input animated video clips to make the presentation more appealing and engaging.
  • Select the suggested or selected images to convert into an animated video clip.

Story Writing

  • Create a video presentation by answering a few questions and generating a storyline template.
  • Write and create a script in the form of a story by using examples and taking advice.

Speed and Audio management

  • Record audio to explain the video created from the selected storyline template.
  • Manage and select the speed of the video to make it more attractive and creative.


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mysimpleshow Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Blend of creativity and technicality”

The more efficiently a story is written the more effective and to the point storyline suggestions will appear. And the editing options along with audio insertion makes it more interesting.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Simple and easy to use”

This presentation software is user friendly and can be used by budding professionals as well as people who are not exposed to make creative presentations which are short yet to the point.
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