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SlideDog Presentation Software is an advanced presentation tool with unique features to turn any presentation into an engaging show. With features such as polls, live chat, audience feedback, crossfade, dual-screen, and remote control, the software allows the presenter to be in control of the flow. Apart from this, it can also double up as digital signage using automatic looping.

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SlideDog Presentation Software is a software solution designed especially to create engaging presentations and manage content without any hiccups in the flow. With its ability to combine multiple formats such as PDF, Prezi, web pages, YouTube, videos, images, and PowerPoint, it is perfectly suited for people who wish to create seamless multimedia presentations.

SlideDog Pricing

SlideDog Pricing offers three different plans according to the needs of the customer. The three SlideDog Pricing plans are elaborated below.

  • Free – $0/year - This version offers most of the features without any costs.
  • Pro – $99/year – This version offers all the exciting features in an annually billed bundle.
  • Pro Event - $49/event – This version provides access for 14 days from the time of purchase.


SlideDog Demo

SlideDog Presentation Software offers a free version for people who wish to explore all the features of the software before investing money. The website also contains a blog, a forum, and other support to help new users understand the full potential of the software.


Presentation Playlist

  • Create custom playlists using the drag and drop feature to combine multiple formats such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Prezi.
  • Engage with multiple forms of media, different speakers, and separate conferences using SlideDog playlists.

Remote and Live Sharing

  • Engage and interact with the audience from any device by creating a sharable SlideDog link.
  • Control the presentation remotely from any smart device using the SlideDog Remote app and edit the slideshow in real-time. 

Interactive Presentations

  • Create engaging slideshows with multiple formats, videos, images, and web resources.
  • Interact with the audience by creating in-presentation polls, anonymous feedback forms, and live chats.

Dual Screen

  • Control the playlist from a separate presenter screen which contains the notes, the timer, the playlist, and file thumbnails.
  • Track time spent across different presentation files from the presenter screen via the in-built timer.


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SlideDog Reviews


James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Very Useful Tool for Conferences and Meetings”

With unique tools, seamless playback, and live sharing, SlideDog helps create meaningful and interactive presentations to liven up a meeting.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Create powerful integrated playlists”

The drag and drop feature allows presenters to integrate PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF, Word, images, and videos into playlists with just a click.
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