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Seidet Presentation Software offers its clients the ability to create presentations that are interactive, enthralling, and brand-oriented. It aids businesses in promoting their products and performing inside sales using stunning and straightforward decks. Its intelligent features facilitate global updates and smart navigation with ease. The in-app analytics can be used by companies to determine what products or their features attract the audiences and use the information for better branding and sales purposes.

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Seidat Presentation Software is a marketing and presentation tool that organizations can use to create creative and informative presentations that can be used for inside sales. The tool is tailored for companies that are looking to pitch and sell their products or services through the medium of presentations. Its user-friendly interface allows users to create and collaborate on the content and manage a consolidated data and brand across the organization.

Seidat Pricing 

Seidat pricing list is split between packages for teams and enterprise-wide. It also contains a free version for individual use. Seidet pricing can be categorized as:

  • Team plans- ranges from 990€ to 4990€ per year depending on the team size
  • Enterprise plans- Starts from 5990€ per year

For more details on Seidat pricing plans, contact vendor

Seidat Demo 

Seidat Presentation Software offers demos upon solicitation from customers. Seidat Presentation Software also offers several learning materials in the form of e-books, webinars, and blogs and offers training for customers to familiarize themselves with its interface.


Slide deck platform

  • Use the intuitive slide deck platform to create, edit and manage presentations and brand data on a single interface 
  • Import older presentations and upgrade them aesthetically and content-wise using powerful tools  

Global updates and multi-device support

  • Use Smart slides to ensure that any information update is reflected across all presentations containing the same content  
  • Store all presentations on the cloud and access them anywhere, anytime and on any device 

Interactivity and multimedia support 

  • Make presentations more engaging by adding interactive elements like 3D environments and embedding gifs, videos, even other websites
  • Store and use all images in a single database called the Image Bank

Audience Analytics 

  • Gain insights about what parts of the presentations are more appealing to viewers and the time spent on them 
  • Use the matrix navigation feature to seamlessly navigate and present viewers with data that interests them, based on the analytics


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Seidat Reviews


James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Stellar platform for sales and branding”

Seidat aids businesses in unifying all their marketing and branding content under a single interface that can be smartly used to bring out eye-catching product features during sales pitches.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Creative and intuitive tool”

This tool gives users the power to get extremely creative with their presentations, both in terms of content and multimedia. Users can embed various elements from images to websites to create impressive decks.
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