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Zebra BI USP

Zebra BI Presentation Software is proud to present an add-in for Excel that ensures visual storytelling is done at its best. With the help of an Integrated variety of professional charts that are suitable for all types of business reports, this tool creates better and simpler reports in minutes. 

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Zebra BI Presentation Software is a powerful modern tool that is ideal for data visualization and certified visuals for Power BI. Its combination of responsive visuals and cutting-edge artificial intelligence allows it to cater to even the complex of businesses. Using this tool helps is creating impressive visuals that guarantee better communication and understanding in meetings. Used by Microsoft for internal reporting, this Excel add-in has proved beneficial for financial reports as well as different management tasks presentations. 

Zebra BI Pricing

When it comes to plans, pricing depends on which features the organization is opting for. 

  •  Add-In for Excel - USD 19.90/user/month
  • Free - USD 0/user/month
  • Pro - USD 4.02 /user/month

For enterprise
pricing, it is necessary to get a quote from the official website. 

Zebra BI Demo

The official website has made available a small demo in an audio-visual format that explains how to use this tool effectively. Apart from that, each feature carries an explanatory image for better understanding. 


Detailed charts

  • Effortlessly integrate two charts or use Excel values, Pivot tables, and formulas to create new charts.
  • Detailed categories, comment addition, visual explanations, and proper scaling for better understanding. 

Easy updates 

  • Streamline changes by simply refreshing the Pivot table or using filters and it will be updated instantly. 
  • Dynamic auto-updated charts to reflect any changes in reports to keep everyone in the loop. 

Comprehensive analysis

  • Smart support that enables the tool to spend the necessary time on the analysis of the data. 
  • The detailed analysis reflected when preparing reports to crystalize the message in a simpler way

Flexible settings 

  • Customizable regional setting that ensures regional support in the USA, UK, Asia, and other places. 
  • Integrated multi-language settings to allow the software to be polyglot to cater to wider user-section. 


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Zebra BI
80 Buyers Negotiating
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Zebra BI Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Improved communications in meetings”

Zebra BI, with its intuitive process, has helped in improving reports and presentation substantially. The simplified communications and visualized charts are bliss.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Useful for all types of businesses”

No matter what the presentation is about, this tool has everything to make it visually stunning. Plus, Zebra BI pricing comes with a great trial period.
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