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Zoho ShowTime
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Zoho ShowTime USP

Zoho ShowTime Presentation Software is an easy training business making platform for business organizations. Its flexibility in design training programs makes it easy for businesses to work in their own way. Learners can download the material for future purposes. Moderators can design a session in their own style. Its CRM function helps in getting more and better leads. The software allows a business to bring the entire team over ShowTime and helps to control them through a single admin console.

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Zoho ShowTime Presentation Software is a platform to run and manage training business for HR departments or Independent trainers. Its aim is to make training for businesses easier. It’s a comprehensible way to form your brand and deliver training to learners. The software allows making training sessions flexible with real-time checking on engagement analytics which helps to check learners' interest in training, making organizations make desirable changes in the session.

Zoho ShowTime Pricing

Based on your requirements, Zoho ShowTime pricing ranges from ₹500 per user per month to ₹2500 per account(2 users license) per month. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For the best pricing plans, contact the vendor.

Here are the detailed pricing plans-

  1. Basic- ₹500/user/month.
  2. Standard- ₹1250/account (2 users license)/month.
  3. Professional-₹1750/account (2 users license)/month.
  4. Enterprise-₹2500/account (2 users license)/month.

Zoho ShowTime Demo

Zoho ShowTime Presentation Software provides free demo in the form of webinars and user guides on their website under the ‘Resources’ section to acquaint the users with all its functionalities.


On-demand Training.

  • The software enables to customize training material for learners and allows users to learn at their own pace without any pressure on them
  • It helps to get real-time engagement data through polls and feedback forms

Zoho CRM integration.

  • The software enables to generate customer conversions from ShowTime sessions directly also initiate a list of customer to invite them for sessions with a single click
  • It also helps to get engagement data back to CRM and improve leads

Co-Training and sharing

  • The software allows one or more trainers in a single session as a co-presenter or moderator
  • It also helps to generate entire session recording and share them with learners for their convenience while converting monologues into dialogues to make the training session more interactive

Easy customization

  • The software permits to customize recurring sessions for selected learners
  • It allows to Bbring team at ShowTime and manage it using a single admin console also use open rate and click rate to study engagement


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Zoho ShowTime
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  • +10
    3D Objects
  • +5
    Ad sets
  • +10
    Animations & Transitions
  • +14
  • +14
    Customer Service
  • +6
    Customizable Templates
  • +9
    Drag and Drop Editing
  • +14
    Export File Types
  • +10
    Image Editor
  • +8
    Marketing Campaign Budget
  • +10
    Mobile App
  • +12
    Offline Presenting
  • +12
    Presenter Tools
  • +13
    Real-time Editing
  • +11
    Screen Capture
  • +6
    Screen Record
  • +7
    Screen Sharing
  • +13
    Scrolling Capture
  • +7
    Shape & Clip Art
  • +5
    Template Library
  • -13
    Auto Save
  • -14
    Collaboration Tools
  • -12
  • -8
    Font Selection
  • -7
  • -11
    Offline Editing
  • -8
    Platform Search
  • -6
  • -9
  • -11
    Slide Design
  • -13
    System Integration
  • -9
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • -11
    Windows Installation

Zoho ShowTime Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Great Tool”

Zoho ShowTime is a great tool. There is no Sleep time while using ShowTime. It’s an amazing experience while presenting session through it.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“User Friendly”

This platform is comprehensible and helps to guide learners on the right track. It’s user friendly and helps in generating better leads.
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