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Capriza USP

Capriza USP includes the ease of access and the flexibility of the platform. It blends in with all major business applications and simplifies the process of approvals easily. The various other features, like Dynamic analytics and WorkSimple mobile apps, make it a complete value for money.

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Capriza Productivity Software is an enterprise approval platform that extracts and simplifies the approval process from your organization's applications. It makes the approval system quick and easy, reducing approval times up to 70%. Top enterprises, such as PepsiCo, Logitech, and MasterCard, are currently using Capriza Productivity Software for a long time as an efficient approval system.ṣ

Capriza Pricing:

Capriza pricing is based on the scale you want to deploy the software. The starter plan starts from $60 per approver. Other Capriza pricing schemes are based on quotations. You can contact the company to get a quote based on your requirements. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For the best pricing plans, contact the vendor.

Capriza Demo:

Capriza Productivity Software offers a demo for testing out its features. You can ask for a demo or details on the pricing by contacting the company through the details given on their website. 

Capriza Features:

Capriza smoothens the approval process by its following features:

Consolidated worklist of approvals: It helps you the approvers by categorizing the different applications based on their type and preference. Approvers can access the approvals list on any platform, including mobiles, PCs, etc.

Control stays with the process owners: Capriza helps accelerate different business processes. Process Owners can easily monitor and gain actionable insights into the process of approvals.

Integrates with pre-existing business applications: It uses pre-built, customizable connectors to blend in with the business applications. Capriza currently supports 14 business applications, including Oracle Cloud and ServiceNow.

WorkSimple mobility platform: It is an integrated feature that helps transform any existing workflow into micro-apps in a matter of days that can be easily distributed using the WorkSimple mobile application. Detailed analytics can be applied to making smart decisions for increased efficiency.


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Capriza Reviews


James Smith

Apr 30, 2020

“WorkSimple integrates the workflows onto a single platform”

The micro-apps made by WorkSimple are very effective in organizing the workflows. They integrate all the features of the modern smartphone that automates various tasks and makes others much easier.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Approval process was never so smooth”

It simplifies the approval process to a very great extent removing all the hassles like application misplacement, late-approvals, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How is Capriza deployed?

Capriza is deployed on cloud.

What are major features of Capriza?

The major features of this software are Consolidated worklist of approvals, Control stays with the process owners, Integrates with pre-existing business applications, and WorkSimple mobility platform.

What are pricing plans for Capriza?

Capriza pricing plans is based on the scale users want to deploy the software. The starter plan starts from $60 per approver. Other Capriza pricing schemes are based on quotations.

Does Capriza offer free trial?

Capriza Productivity Software offers a demo for testing out its features. For further details users can contact vendor.

Who usually implement Capriza?

Capriza is usually implemented by Startups, SMEs, Agencies and Enterprises.

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