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ClipClip USP

The USP of ClipClip productivity software is that it offers all-in-one software to save, edit and share clips. With easy GUI and Windows-like functionality, the software is heaven to all users. And as it’s free software, there are no ClipClip pricing plans. Integrations such as cloud storage and working across devices make it a perfect choice for user's struggling to find a way to manage their clips.

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ClipClip Productivity Software is a dynamic and free software available for Windows, provides services which makes a copy and pasting task easier than ever. With its user-friendly interface, the software makes copying multiple texts, images or files to clipboard simple. With ClipClip you can now see what has been copied, edit your clips & organize them in folders and sub-folders. 

ClipClip Pricing

ClipClip is free software available on the official website, so users don’t have to worry about ClipClip pricing plans. With easy step by step instructions and quick guide, users can easily download and install the software on their devices and get started with their work. The free software is with Windows 7 and above versions with both 32 and 64 -bit support. For the best pricing plans, contact the vendor.

ClipClip Demo

For a demo, users can visit the official website to find a quick guide which can be followed, to begin with, the software. With its user-friendly interface, the customers can easily get going with the software. And one need not have to dwell upon the ClipClip pricing plans as it’s free software.


With these exciting features, ClipClip productivity software makes your work as a working professional easier :

Much more than copying and pasting: All-in-one software to translate and organize clips. Simplified clip management 

Trouble-Free Clip organization: Create and organize multiple clipboard entries and folder in seconds. Easily search your clips and save them for future use. Supports multiple root folders anywhere on the device

Inbuilt cloud integration: Select and work on any clip in Dropbox or Google Drive. Save and Share your work across devices with Google Drive or OneDrive

Lucid user interface: Easy Drag & Drop clipboard organization. Clipboard editor to rectify all mistakes with a right-click. View all past clips by simply pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V


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ClipClip Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

Apr 30, 2020

“Highly Organized and Structured”

With the ability to work with multiple folders and subfolders at the same time, it makes ClipClip, a highly efficient software.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“One-Stop-Shop for Clips”

ClipClip has all the functionality of Windows Clipboard but is still better and fun to use, with the amalgamation of Google Drive makes it convenient to use.
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