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Axis property management first appeared due to the union of need, understanding and extreme crush by three of the medalists in the Travel and Hospitality industry Axis is relatively easy to use and the product gives detailed reporting on the property revenue side. The system is very user friendly. A new feature of Channel Manager is to provide the users with a simple and safe experience. 

Axis Pricing

Axis Pricing has not been disclosed by the company. Axis Pricing is definitely competitive with other software vendors and comes with a plethora of features offered by the company. Users can directly contact the company website to get a personalized quote for this software.

Axis Demo

Axis demo can be requested by providing details like name, phone number, email and message on the company’s website after which access will be granted to the Axis demo.


Payments- Create and manage reservations from both online and offline channels. Accepts payments made by cheque and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Choice- Offers the export data to other financial systems, making the choice of the client simpler and easier. Use of Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports building tools. Sends Short-form Income or Detailed Owners Financial Statements and Expenditure, Profit & Loss Statement electronically

Control- Helps to analyze detailed reports on hotel performance, agent performance, bookings and invoices. Assists in comprehensive and easy-to-read Tenancy Schedules/Rent Rolls. Improves security levels - Administrators, Users and "Enquiry Only"

Efficiency- Provides standing charges function for Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Retail Leases. Provides a full range of diary functions for Buildings, Tenants, Owners and Managers. Consolidate Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet reporting at multilevel.


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AXIS Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 02, 2020

“Payment gateway”

Axis provides an excellent payment gateway link that can be directly sent to customers to make the payment. The pricing plans are satisfactory.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 02, 2020

“Authentication of credit cards”

The product provides authentication of credit card details of the guests. This to a large extent helps in reducing no-shows,late minute cancellations and fake or temporary bookings.
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