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CakeHR Recruiting software makes the process of recruitment easy and lucid. The software guides the recruiters through the hiring procedure seamlessly. 
The application monitors all HR related activities. CakeHR Recruiting software also provides a 360-degree review mechanism so that the customers can express grievances.

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Employee management is the first aim of the software. CakeHR Recruiting software creates customized bases for managing the company's human resources. Not only is it helpful in shift reporting but also recruitment drives and performance evaluations. There are six unique modules that CakeHR provides. The software helps in scheduling tasks too. CakeHR keeps developing and updating the software with a great team of developers and designers, improving the platform every week, and making a perfect solution for companies of any size. With vast experience in HR, development of software and sales and marketing, CakeHR Recruiting software keeps on flourishing.

CakeHR Pricing

CakeHR pricing starts at $5.5 per month for active one user. One can select the CakeHR pricing that is the most suitable for them. There are two sorts of pricing. One is for beginners, and the other is for more advanced HR employees like HR managers. To create job ads, manage applicants, and schedule interviews, the pricing ranges from $200.

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CakeHR Demo

CakeHR Recruiting software provides the user with a 14-day free trial. The user is allowed to access all the six modules that software has to offer to the company. The subscriptions can be done within any time, and there is no time boundedness. The subscriptions can be canceled at any time too.


 Various Modules

  • Choose from the range of Modules provided. 
  • Customize the most appropriate module from a choice of six vastly different structures. 

Leave Management

  • Regulate the number of off days taken by an employee.
  • Create databases and keep track of employee activity throughout the year. 

Efficient Spreadsheets

  • Usage of practical spreadsheets top regulates employee management tactics. 
  • Customize the spreadsheets without any hassle from the side of the software. 

Easy File Formatting

  • Visualize varied formats of digital files and supplemental parts within the spreadsheet to track changes.
  • Work with big data that the company in providing without any hindrance to the structure of research needed before hiring a particular employee.


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