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Keka USP

Keka Recruiting software is an HR management software that makes the work of HR easy with the latest technologies. It offers services in every part of the HR process, from salary to recruiting. It helps to keep track of every employee and make an individual report for all of them to make the work of HR easy. Keka Recruiting software also offers customizable interview stages, alerts, and notification for the recruitment team and employee. 

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Keka Recruiting software is an HR software platform that helps to recruit and manage all the works of management easily with the help of various features. From talent hunting to the payment process, this is the one platform to do it all. Keka Recruiting software has worked with many big companies and has very good experience in this field.

Keka Pricing 

According to the features and users, there are many different Keka pricing available to choose from. Customers can choose for both monthly or yearly, and user basis. Here is the different Keka pricing with various features given below: 

  1. Foundation - $99.98/month/100 employees, $0.85/month/1 additional employee.
  2. Strength - $142/month/100 employees, $1.28/month/1 additional employee.
  3. Growth - $200/month/100 employees, $1.85/month/1 additional employee.

Keka Demo

Keka Recruiting software does not provide any demo versions for the customers. However, customers can contact the customer care to request a demo of the software from the website. Instead of a demo, Keka Recruiting software provides a free trial on the website that customers can get from the pricing page and filling up a form.   


Payroll Process
  • Create and complete the payroll process easier and save a lot of time using this software.
  • Gain access to all payroll needs and configure it for better functionality for a large number of employees. 

TDS and PF Management 

  • Create TDs management easily with the help of Keka to generate return files. 
  • Customized alert and warnings for services like income tax validator, PF, ESI, and others.

Talent Acquisition and Nurture 

  • Gain access to talents around the country and recruit them easily using this software.
  • Create perfect employees by nurturing their talents with both old and new methods.

Expense and Bonuses

  • Provide EMI management to confirm the repayment of the loan; the amount can be adjusted by the customers.
  • Create an expense sheet of all employees to make the work of managers easy.


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