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Recruiterflow USP

Recruiterflow Recruiting software is advanced and efficient recruiting software that reduces the companies' burden to spend more time looking for skilled people. The 24×5 chat and email support are beneficial to clarify doubts one has about the software. Recruiterflow Recruiting software takes care of the productivity, pipeline, and setup of the company efficiently.

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Recruiterflow Recruiting software is tracking software for Staffing and Recruiting agencies. It helps one focus on their busywork and saves at least 2 hours every day. Recruiterflow is used and is trusted by several hundred companies worldwide due to its fantastic support and technology. Ambitious teams who aim to hire fresh talents take the help of Recruiterflow. 

Recruiterfloe Pricing

Recruiterflow Pricing is distributed for a varied range to help users of any industry big or small use it. The Recruiterflow Pricing ranges from $69 user/month to $249 per month and comes with a 14-day free trial.

Recruiterflow Pricing for recruiting agencies is quoted below-

  1. Standard- $69 user/month.
  2. Premium- $99 user/month.

Recruiterflow Pricing for companies is listed below-

  1. Standard- $99 per month.
  2. Intermediate- $149 per month. 
  3. Premium- $249 per month.


Recruiterflow Demo

Recruiterflow Recruiting software offers a demo that can be scheduled by setting up an available time. There is a chatbox present in the site that answers to any queries. In addition to this, there are visual illustrations and thumbnails present of the website to help one understand the functioning of Recruiterflow.


Productive Recruiting

  • Recruiterflow Recruiting software enables you to quickly source candidates from Github, Xing, LinkedIn, and AngelList with just a click.
  • Post the unique URL given for each job anywhere like Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn, Indeed, or other job boards.

Managing Pipelines

  • Explore clarity in the things that are of utmost importance to understand the health of the pipeline efficiently.
  • Intuitive and easy to use customizable pipeline stages.

Recruit automatically

  • Recruiterflow Recruiting software keeps the recruiting pipeline alive and kicking at all times by taking prompt actions.
  • It helps one understand all the activities happening in the pipeline and updates the pipeline's status every day.

Support Services

  • Support is provided by Recruiterflow to its customers through several modes like live chats, email, phone, etc.
  • Support services can also be customized for an increased level of priority for enterprises with a higher price plan.



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