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RescueAssist USP

RescueAssist Remote service can be performed in a way that the end user’s device will appear as the service provider is using it directly.  A quick summary of the defect can be received to identify problems faster. Devices can be connected even at times of user downtime such as lunch break or post office hours and can be checked on later.

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LogMeIn Rescue is remote desktop support providing software. It assists help desks to provide technical support to customers. The solutions are fast, reliable, and pliable. This software can be used to support internal and external users of devices and operating systems. Service providers can instantly chat with customers and deliver the necessary aid.

LogMeIn Rescue Pricing

LogMeIn Rescue Pricing offers only a single segment for its users as- $108.25/month. Another subscription is available for a Mobile Support Add-on- $37.5/month/seat
LogMeIn Rescue Pricing offers Team Pricing and Quotes after signing in on the official website of LogMeIn.

LogMeIn Rescue Demo

Videos, Webinars, and Blogs are available on the official website of LogMeIn describing the features of its product “Rescue” and also some suggestions and advice on technical support systems. A free 14-day trial is available for potential users who want to explore once before subscribing.


Remote Support- Take over the end user’s device and perform the necessary task as if carrying out on own device. Get quick and precise processes, services, and applications to detect a problem fast and save time.

Multi-session Handling- Optimise resources and juggle between 10 sessions at a time. Serve faster. Run multi-support processes at one go.

Administration Centre- Assign external technicians for assistance without any need for extra licenses. Carry out the creation of permission centrally for administrators, technicians, or create and view reports.

Instant Chat-Communicate with customers on their own website in a coherent experience. Provide qualifying support with no requirement to download an app

Reboot and Reconnect- Reboot is a crucial feature while a fix-tune. Reboot and reconnect instantly in case of connection loss, even when the system is unattended or in safe mode 


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