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Microsoft has slowly carved a niche space for itself in the global retail analytics market by delivering the Cortana Intelligence Suite, which is instrumental in offering cost-effective tools and services to the retailers who are looking to gain insights from the data generated from the various applications deployed in their systems. The suite utilizes advanced analytical algorithms, such as predictive analytics, to offer real-time insights into the data generated by applications, PoS, IoT devices, and social media. Request Databricks Retail Analytics Software Pricing to get more information.


The dynamic software offers various capabilities, such as sales forecasts; customer churn predictions; realtime cross-sell and upsell recommendations; consumer categorization as per demography, gender, and size; pricing and promotional plan optimization; improved inventory management and distribution; and enhanced personalization. These capabilities have been instrumental in delivering customer value.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +13 New Product Launches
  • +5 Analytics Tools
  • +11 Consulting services
  • +14 Data Management Software
  • +13 Enhance year on year growth
  • +12 Increase Revenue
  • +12 Managed Services
  • +6 Mobile Applications
  • +11 To Enhance Customer's base
  • +10 Training, Support and maintanence services
  • +9 Big Data Analytics and Visualization
  • +7 Mobile BI
  • +8 Real time analytics
  • +9 Articles and Blogs
  • +8 Email Branding
  • +5 Mobile apps
  • +6 Offlne campaigns
  • +14 Social Media Platforms
  • +7 Word of Mouth strategy
  • +10 Customer Analytics
  • -12 Brand Recognition
  • -14 Channel Supported
  • -5 cutomer satisfaction
  • -6 Product Innovation
  • -12 Differential Pricing and Features to Meet Customer Needs
  • -8 Product Offerings
  • -5 Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • -7 Focus on Product Innovation
  • -8 Product Branding
  • -6 Product Features and Functionality
  • -8 R&D Spend
  • -12 Product Upgradation
  • -13 Any other professional services
  • -5 Oany other, please specify
  • -7 Reporting and Visualization Tools
  • -14 Sustain in competition
  • -11 Others, please specify
  • -10 Self-Service BI
  • -10 Other, please specify
  • -6 Except others, please specify
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Microsoft is a renowned provider of licensing-based software and solutions. The company serves a plethora of industry verticals through its diversified offerings in the major business segments of hardware, software, and services. Microsoft enables businesses to transform their business processes through the use of advanced data analytics. Its Cortana Analytics Suite offers customers and application developers a fully managed big data and analytics suite that transforms data into intelligent action. Microsoft Azure has witnessed an unprecedented market traction and large-scale adoption by enterprises. The company, in 2016, earned a whopping USD 12.1 billion from commercial cloud deployments, witnessing a surge of more than 50% YoY. The Azure cloud platform is available in 140 countries and has 20 data centers. The American conglomerate has one of the best partner networks, including data partners, technological partners, and OEMs. The company’s partner network has helped it constantly update and innovate its product portfolio. In the retail analytics market, Microsoft focuses on both organic and inorganic growth strategies to optimize its growth and remain competitive.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Features Offered
  2. Applications Catered / Pricing Analytics
  3. Software Offered / Data Management Software
  4. Software Offered / Analytics Tools
  5. Software Offered / Mobile Applications
  6. Applications Catered / Merchandising Analytics
  7. Services / Managed Services
  8. Services / Training, Support and maintanence services
  9. Services / Consulting services
  10. Applications Catered / Customer Analytics