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  • Pennsylvania, USA
  • 1993
  • $500MN to $1BN
Company Overview
Qlik provides self-service analytics, which offers flexibility to retailers for viewing enterprise information on demand. Witnessing the high surge in omnichannel retail marketing trends, Qlik provides omnichannel dashboards, which facilitate easy data analysis after combining the data sets integrated from retail stores, online stores, call centers, mobile applications, and catalogs. The applications help customers easily identify customer shopping patterns and thereby enhance the effectiveness of omnichannel marketing offers.

Qlik offers QlikView, a business discovery platform that provides self-service BI applications to customers and empowers them to drive innovative business decisions. The platform allows retailers to analyze customers, products, and transactions across various channels and geographical regions. The agile platform integrates data points from numerous applications deployed within an organization’s systems, such as PoS, merchandising, digital advertising, social media, marketing, sales, and finance. It also identifies potential revenue, margin, and profit opportunities.

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  • Supply Chain Optimizations
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QLIK TECHNOLOGIES INC Presence in Retail Analytics Software
Qlik is a leading software provider that delivers BI platforms. The company has a strong partner network, constituting more than 1,700 partners who cater to thousands of customers spread across more than 100 countries. Technology partners include global strategic system integrators, OEM partners, and technology partners. The company’s partners also include solution providers, consulting and managed service providers, and other companies that sell, integrate, and support Qlik products. In 2016, Qlik was acquired by Thoma Bravo, LLC, a leading private equity investment firm. The acquisition is expected to harness the growth of Qlik, as Thoma Bravo would financially support Qlik in its quest to provide industry-level cloud BI and advanced analytics. The company offers platform solutions for selfservice data visualization, guided analytics applications, and reporting. It is expanding its regional presence by partnering with global distributors. For instance, Qlik’s partnership with Keyrus, a data intelligence company, enabled the expansion of its business operations in 20 countries, including France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, UK, UAE, US, Canada, Brazil, China, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Israel, and South Africa. Under inorganic growth strategies, Qlik acquired NComVA, a Swedish company specializing in advanced visualization technology. This acquisition helped Qlik expand its advanced analytics portfolio. Under organic growth strategies, the company launched Qlik Sense Desktop, a free version of QlikView, which is a next-generation data visualization application. Qlik Sense Desktop offers a simple drag and drop feature that facilitates business users to create interactive visualizations, reports, and dashboards.
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