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Automate RPA
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, US
$51MN to $100MN
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Automate RPA USP

The software offers no-code automation that delivers form-based development with simple drag and drop interface, which helps businesses to streamline their operations in just a few hours rather than days. It also has The Enhanced Security and Audit Platform that gives full audit logs and advanced user access management, like role-based user provisioning, etc.

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Automate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software is a type of automation technology that makes the digital transformation methods of business operations possible. To effectively understand and communicate with the business systems and applications, the software has a robot installed in it that helps in performing and streamlining the business processes and, therefore, reducing the workload on human employees. 

Automate RPA Pricing

Of the three paid to Automate products, Automate Plus is a detailed Automate RPA pricing platform, for which subscription is available at a price of $ 15,000 per year. This product also has a perpetual pricing package, which includes first-year maintenance & service charges and costs $ 30, 000 up-front and then $ 5, 000 per year afterward. 

Automate RPA Demo

Complete access to Automate RPA pricing model - Automate plus is available to every organization free of cost. It offers a full 30 days free trial with access to all the features of its Plus product. 


Efficiently perform manual tasks

  • Can easily perform manual and basic automated tasks to full enterprise-level implementation
  • Employees, as a result, can devote their productive hours in carrying out strategic, managerial, and decision making tasks to add extra value to the organization

Easily automate integration with existing systems

  • Under a central automation system, existing business systems, workflows, and applications can be effortlessly integrated

Offers room for innovation and collaboration in official work

  • Centralizes automation and combines data with comprehensive analytics to allow innovation and collaboration between IT and different business departments
  • Industry-specific RPAs to ensure fulfillment of its objectives and nature of businesses like Healthcare RPA, Financial and Banking RPA, and Insurance RPA


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Automate RPA
76 Buyers Negotiating
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Automate RPA Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 11, 2020

“Now budgeting has become a 120 minutes task”

Earlier, our budgeting work used to consume five to six hours of manpower for three to four consecutive days. But, after implementing Automate RPA software across the organization, budgeting has now become a 2-hour task.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 11, 2020

“Loan originating and processing made simple”

With Automate RPA bots integrated within our systems, the manual task of loan originating and processing has been streamlined and made fast with 100% accuracy.
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