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The company has a history of continuous reinvention and transforming itself. Its strategic focus is on the digital revolution and cloud and data engagement driven by social and mobile security. The company focuses on strengthening its position via inorganic growth strategy. For instance, since 2010, the company has invested nearly USD 40 billion in the areas mentioned above. The company has made 55 acquisitions and partnered with well-reputed organizations in key industries. It focuses on enhancing capabilities and expertise in cognitive solutions and cloud platform. The company’s business model is built on two principles, namely, innovating IT solutions and helping enterprise clients become more efficient, innovative, and competitive. This business model supports the company’s financial model. Thus, the company delivers cash flows, strong earnings, and return to shareholders over the long term. Request IBM CORPORATION Pricing to get more information.


IBM offers SONAS (scale-out NAS attached storage) to store petabytes amount of data. In enterprise environments, SONAS offers high capacity, high availability, and high levels of performance. The IBM SONAS system supports petabytes of storage and billions of files in a single large file system up to 8PB. The end user can have 4-256 file systems in a complete configured system. IBM SONAS supports snapshots with up to 256 snapshots per file system; user level, group level and file set level quotes; asynchronous replication of data; removal of site data caching; integration with active directory, lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP), and network information service; and command-line interface (CLI) and browser-based graphical user interface (GUI). The supported access protocols include common internet file systems (CIFS), network file systems (NFS), file transfer protocols (FTP), hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS), secure copy protocol (SCP), and network data management protocol (NDMP).
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