The scale-out NAS market is projected to grow from USD 14.01 Billion in 2020 to USD 34.68 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.05%. The market is majorly driven by growth in the rising demand for scale-out NAS applications across enterprises.

Technology Overview

Scale-out applications are virtual applications that can add or remove all capacity nodes and processors horizontally. The processed nodes work as front-end processing power and back-end capacity as a single system or distributed system for enhancing processing capacity and memory. Scale-out NAS solutions accelerate the node capacity or throughput by adding memory, processors, and other peripheral devices in the distributed system for a parallel processing system. Enterprises are more inclined towards the adoption of scale-out NAS technology because it does not require disk management, data layout, and in-line tuning for conventional monolithic and modular systems.

Top 10 Scale-out NAS Providers

  1. Dell Inc
  2. Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  3. Hitachi Data Systems
  4. IBM Corporation
  5. Nasuni
  6. NetApp Inc
  7. Panasas Inc
  8. Pure Storage Inc
  9. Scality
  10. Tintri

Scale-out NAS Market Segmentation

The scale-out NAS can be categorized on the basis of:

  1. Components
  2. Software
  3. Storage Technology
  4. Deployment Type
  5. Organization Size
  6. Vertical
  7. Region

And according to the components, the scale-out NAS has been categorized into

  1. Software
  2. Services

Benefits of Scale-Out NAS

Scale-out NAS supports high volume workloads with low latency, non-disruptive operations, and excellent storage effectiveness in a single scalable namespace.

  • Enormous capacity without restrictions – Businesses can build an optimum storage platform, without silos, in a single namespace that measures to PBs and beyond and supports numerous files.
  • Fulfil performance needs of important workloads – Businesses can deliver foreseeable, reliable low latency and high quantity performance with the same storage container.
  • Ease out deployment and management – Professionals can easily provision a huge single namespace in a few seconds to keep up with the increasing data needs and minimize management complexity using one interface.
  • Enhance user productivity –All the data can be presented to the users as if it was in the same location.

Best Scale-Out Network Attached Storage

Comparing 12 vendors in Scale-out NAS across 24 criteria.
All vendors(12)

The company provides a wide range of solutions and services through various segments, namely, application services, big data analysis, business processing and outsourcing, cloud, data centers, digital business services, end user, internet of things, mobile, IT support and lifecycle services, and security. Dell provides its solutions to industries such as education, energy, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, OEMs, telecommunications, and media & entertainment industry verticals across Europe, North America, APAC, MEA, and Latin America.
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The company offers a comprehensive enterprise solutions portfolio for various industries. The company focuses on developing extensive portfolio addressing the shifts and new trends in technology. The company is growing its business organically in the NexGen Data Systems (NGDS) market by developing and launching various advanced data storage products. The company is focused towards the development of all new data storage solutions, namely, Software Defined Storage (SDS), cloud, hybrid storage, and others.
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The company provides modular mid-range and high-end computer data storage systems, software, and services. HDS is a part of Hitachi Information Systems and Telecommunications division. The company provides solutions to different sectors, namely, government, communications, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, media & entertainment, retail, and energy. The company has its presence in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Africa.
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The company has a history of continuous reinvention and transforming itself. Its strategic focus is on the digital revolution and cloud and data engagement driven by social and mobile security. The company focuses on strengthening its position via inorganic growth strategy. For instance, since 2010, the company has invested nearly USD 40 billion in the areas mentioned above. The company has made 55 acquisitions and partnered with well-reputed organizations in key industries. It focuses on enhancing capabilities and expertise in cognitive solutions and cloud platform. The company’s business model is built on two principles, namely, innovating IT solutions and helping enterprise clients become more efficient, innovative, and competitive. This business model supports the company’s financial model. Thus, the company delivers cash flows, strong earnings, and return to shareholders over the long term.
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Nasuni scale-out storage system has been built for massive scale. The company addresses one of the key concerns of customers, cost savings, by using the cloud and not hardware. The clients of Nasuni are achieving 50%-70% of cost savings over traditional storage offerings. The company has a vast reach in the market as it serves various industry verticals including architecture and engineering, manufacturing, retail, legal, marketing & PR agencies, healthcare, and education.
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NetApp Inc. is a leading global systems, software, and service provider for data storage management. The company focuses on both organic and inorganic growth strategies. The company also aims to grow inorganically by expanding its products and service portfolio. The company employs multi-channel distribution strategy to reach the target customers. To address the future needs of data storage, the company has a defined architecture for hybrid cloud, data fabric strategy, and a collaborative platform for next generation data storage devices.
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Panasas offers its scale-out NAS platform which can deliver fast metadata and small file performance through ActiveStor to address the storage challenges faced by energy, media & entertainment, life sciences, manufacturing, and other verticals. The company focuses on offering innovative and advanced products to satisfy customers’ specific needs.
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The company mainly focuses on inorganic growth strategy. For instance, it is currently focusing to expand sales of FlashBlade for unstructured data. The company believes in customer satisfaction by offering innovative and advanced products. Some of its customers include Paylocity, Keker & Van Nest LLP, and Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories.
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The company is privately held. The company is Involved in providing software-defined storage solutions at petabyte scale. Its customers include large enterprises, mainly in media, cloud, and telecommunications verticals. The company offers a wide range of products, namely, Scality RING, Scality Cloud Monitor, Free Scality RING Trail, and Scality S3 Server. It offers solutions for enterprise IT, service providers, backup storage, media & entertainment, financial services, and public sector. In October 2015, the company won Start-Up of the Year award in France and is recognized as a disruptive young company.
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The company is a leading provider of virtualized storage applications. The company aims for both organic and inorganic growth strategies. The product is a collaboration of VM scale-out, Tintri analytics, and nine new all-flash hardware models. All flash models included have expansion capabilities. In inorganic growth, the company signed a distribution agreement with Avnet Inc., the global IT solutions provider. Avnet would distribute and market Tintri’s products to customers in New Zealand and Australia.
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