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The company offers Scality Ring scale-out NAS. It is a software that allows standard x86 servers to turn into web-scale storage. Scality Ring stores data efficiently with no limits and hundred percent reliability. By using this, end users can reduce cost by 90% over legacy systems. The important features of Scality Ring are data security and protection, scale-out file and object storage, web-scale system management, and Scality fast track (software-defined object storage). Scality Ring has some of the key features which include peer-to-peer routing and object storage core, policy-based data protection and self-healing, native multi-site geo-distribution, and state-of-the-art AWS S3-compatible API.


The company is privately held. The company is Involved in providing software-defined storage solutions at petabyte scale. Its customers include large enterprises, mainly in media, cloud, and telecommunications verticals. The company offers a wide range of products, namely, Scality RING, Scality Cloud Monitor, Free Scality RING Trail, and Scality S3 Server. It offers solutions for enterprise IT, service providers, backup storage, media & entertainment, financial services, and public sector. In October 2015, the company won Start-Up of the Year award in France and is recognized as a disruptive young company.

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