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Pure Storage offers FlashBlade as its scale-out NAS storage. FlashBlade is simple, fast, and big (up to 10s of petabytes). Simple because scale-out does everything instantly by adding blades to centralized cloud management and supports via Pure1. FlashBlade is fast, offering up to 17GB/s of bandwidth per chassis and 1M IOPs, fast metadata IOP operations, and consistent all-flash performance with no caching. FlashBlade offers up to 10s of petabytes, 10s of billions of files and objects. There are three components in FlashBlade, namely, blade, purity, and fabric that combine to deliver elastically-scalable capacity and performance. The key features of FlashBlade are elastic scale-out, easy to manage, consistent all-flash latency, 320GB/s Ethernet throughput, and metadata performance. FlashBlade is simple to deploy, scale, and manage. The four design principles of FlashBlade are true elastic scale, effortless to manage, enterprise-class reliability, and integrated, software designed fabric. The simple scaling unit adds direct flash capacity of 8TB or 52TB along with metadata, protocol processing, and NV-RAM with each addition. FlashBlade powers scale-out storage services at every layer, with direct flash technology for global flash management. An elastic fabric is a built-in software-defined fabric that scales to 100s blades to 1000s of clients.

The company mainly focuses on inorganic growth strategy. For instance, it is currently focusing to expand sales of FlashBlade for unstructured data. The company believes in customer satisfaction by offering innovative and advanced products. Some of its customers include Paylocity, Keker & Van Nest LLP, and Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories.

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