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  • Maharashtra, India
  • 2011
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BFSI, Government and Public Sector
North America
Company Overview
For cloud-computing clients, CloudCodes DLP (Data Loss Prevention) monitors, tracks, and prevents exploitation of business data in motion or at rest. CloudCodes DLP efficiently prevents data loss from apps such as Office 365, G Suite, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Single Sign-On solutions from CloudCodes protect applications from poor password management by employees while allowing them to access cloud, mobile, and on-premises programs from any device.CloudCodes Shadow IT is one of the most reliable solutions for evaluation and reporting of potential IT risks. The main role of Shadow IT is to monitor, block, and report any unauthorized app-related activity within the organization.

The CloudCodes CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) dashboard enables IT departments to set up Data Loss Prevention policies for their cloud computing activities. Through CloudCodes SSO, users gain access to all enterprise devices and apps by entering a single username and password.

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CLOUDCODES Presence in Security as a Service Startups
CloudCodes Software develops several products for the Google Apps platform. These products are aimed at business users and help them by providing a Google Apps workflow as well as by adding levels of security on Google Apps, such as enhancement of password policies, IP restrictions, time-based logins, and corporate directories. CloudCodes solutions are cloud-based as well as on-premise.
#1 Types of support services offered / Post Purchase Support
#2 Organization size / Small and Medium Enterprises
#3 Types of support services offered / Technical Support
#4 Types of support services offered / Customer Support
#5 Product Applications / Endpoint Security


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