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scoutTHREAT by LookingGlass is a threat intelligence platform that enables cybersecurity programs to disarm attacks before impact. It allows organizations to prioritize security improvements, efficiently allocate resources, and align cybersecurity with their business objectives. With scoutTHREAT, clients are able to broadly respond to shifts in attacker techniques as well as to thwart specific attacks.scoutPRIME is a platform that provides cyber situational awareness through a comprehensive view of external threats, allowing clients to adjust their security posture accordingly. Its intuitive footprinting capabilities index the threat landscape, overlay it with cutting-edge threat intelligence, and notify users of major and minor compromise and risk indicators.scoutSHIELD is a high-assurance, zero-touch threat intelligence gateway that complements firewalls and automatically identifies and blocks known malevolent URLs and malicious command and control servers.


scoutTHREAT offers e-mail and machine-to-machine STIX-based reporting to commercial, government, and community partners in order to share actionable information without manual conversion. It is a secure platform that allows authorized users to access specific case details based on predefined roles.scoutPRIME provides automated collection, correlation, and reporting of threat intelligence, allowing cybersecurity staff to engage in higher-value activities.scoutSHIELD eliminates the need to maintain long-term policies and avoids the complexity around changing rule sets by using automated rule sets derived from industry-standard LookingGlass threat intelligence.

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LOOKING GLASS Presence in Security as a Service Startups
The LookingGlass solution portfolio delivers 360-degree cybersecurity and threat intelligence. Its products provide unprecedented understanding and response capabilities for cyber, physical, and third-party risks. The company helps enterprises anticipate targeted attacks and protect themselves by gathering, analyzing, and correlating threat information from within their own supply chains, networks, and the Internet at large.


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#3 Organization size / Small and Medium Enterprises
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#5 Product Applications / Network Security


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