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ABB Smart Governments Solutions

ABB LTD Overview

ABB provides sustainable solutions, such as, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, electric bus, and regenerative braking for the transportation industry. Therefore, the company aims to provide key innovative and smart solutions for the smart government initiative.


ABB offers a range of products and services under the power and automation technology, which includes supporting essential city services with reliable and high bandwidth communications, and enabling utilities to deliver reliable electric, water, heating, and cooling services for customers. The company provides the intelligent technology for smart city power distribution, such as integrating renewables, bringing power bank online faster, and strengthening the city grid.

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ABB LTD Presence in Smart Governments Solutions
ABB took a strategic move with the help of the growing manufacturing sector, from big to strong, enabling China to rank as the world’s strongest manufacturing country. ABB’s smart technologies and solutions fit perfectly with the development of industrial robots, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, and electric power equipment. On the smart grid front, it has 4 main parts, namely, transmission grid management, distribution grid management, distribution energy resources, and utility analytics, which help control costs and meet consumer demands. The company is focusing on a profitable growth by expanding in the emerging economies. Through its smart city solution, the company provides city communication, Wi-Fi system for public safety communications, water networks, electric city grid, and smart transportation. Furthermore, ABB is investing in R&D, specifically to develop systems and equipment focusing on customers and projects, which increases the productivity, in turn. Moreover, this aims to reduce the impact on the environment from the utilities, industry, transport, and infrastructure sectors. Similarly, ABB has been targeting the emerging regions of Southeast Asia, India, Latin America, and Africa. At the same time, it is also focusing on strengthening its position in developed countries, especially in France, Germany, and the UK.

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