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  • 1987
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HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Smart Governments Solutions


The solutions offered by the company, such as public safety, video-analysis technology, intelligent IT, and communication technology, are used by the citizens to ensure safety. Similarly, the smart transportation solution provides a wide range of ICT infrastructure, including the data centers, agile network devices, and video surveillance, in order to build a comprehensive transportation management platform.


Huawei provides robust ICT solutions and services for smart cities, in order to provide maintenance and operations for cities. The company primarily focuses on new generation customers by providing services through smart devices in a more customized and convenient way. The solutions include the smart government, smart education, safe cities, smart healthcare, and smart transportation. The company also offers a wide range of smart devices for health, lifestyle, work, home, and outdoor settings.

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HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO LTD Presence in Smart Governments Solutions
Huawei Technologies has increased its focus on the development of next-generation networking products and solutions. The company extensively concentrates on R&D activities. The company has 16 R&D centers worldwide and has consistently invested over 10% of its revenue in R&D, every year. Furthermore, the company majorly focuses on inorganic business strategies to expand its services and products. It has undertaken major partnerships with Honeywell Homes & Building Technology, an American technology firm, and I-Bhd, Malaysia, thereby introducing smart buildings, offering a feasible solution to address the urban development. Similarly, the company has improved its offerings from the telecom carrier segment and expanded to enterprise and consumer segments. Furthermore, Huawei’s enterprise business grew by 47% in 2016, with the help of its primary strategy to build an open, resilient, secure, and flexible platform of ICT infrastructure by continuously investing in all the new technologies, such as cloud computing, IoT, big data, mobile broadband, and artificial intelligence. The company focuses on providing digital transformation and has achieved a prompt growth in industries as well. The smart cities solutions by Huawei has been deployed in more than 100 cities, in over 40 countries.


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