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IMEX SYSTEMS Smart Governments Solutions


The mobile government framework-miGov is a combination of apps and iGov, which provides any time and any device suitability to citizens to access any government services or information, within a short span of time.


Imex Systems offers a wide-range of solutions for serving the governments to make use of technology in an improved way and help their citizens in turn. The company also offers many products, specifically, citizen service delivery system framework-iGov, mobile government framework-miGov, portal and eServices for local governments, and iCity for the next-generation smart government and smart cities.

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IMEX SYSTEMS INC Presence in Smart Governments Solutions
Imex Systems has enhanced its business by utilizing smart technologies to serve its citizens and for the smarter functioning of governments. For instance, the company has transformed a number of departmental systems within a government into a single enterprise system for end-to-end service delivery, allowing a better understanding of the citizen’s interaction with the government. The company mainly focuses on smart government and the smart cities platform, and delivers excellent customer service through multiple channels and improves the efficiency of internal operations, along with cost reduction. Imex is heavily investing in the latest technologies to meet citizens’ expectations, improve service delivery, and reduce costs for the governments. The company is working on introducing next-generation customer service technologies for governments, using robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. A few pilot projects have already been initiated.


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