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Oracle is a leading provider of enterprise solutions. The company has a strong market foothold due to its diverse range of enterprise business solutions. Oracle offers a wide solutions portfolio for the utilities industry vertical. The company offers advanced technologies for the smart grid market. The company’s smart grid technology focuses on flexibility, shareholder trust, advanced technology, cost-effectiveness, and customer convenience. Oracle offers various utility solutions, such as the utility network management system to support vital distribution automation systems. Request ORACLE CORPORATION Pricing to get more information.


Oracle’s Utilities Smart Grid Gateway minimizes costs of investment and operations, and reduces data repetition. The Smart Grid Gateway enhances customer experience while addressing future market needs. Oracle’s Utilities Service Order Management (SOM) delivers a unique service order automation solution which is designed specifically for utility process optimization. SOM utilizes a centralized, predictive model to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and execute a perfectly orchestrated, streamlined smart meter program.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +9 After Sales and Support Services
  • +10 Consulting
  • +13 Service
  • +11 Software
  • +12 Support and Maintenance
  • +11 System Integration and Deployment
  • +13 Grid Asset Management
  • +5 Advance Meter Infrastructure
  • +9 AMI Analytics
  • +7 Demand Response Management
  • +12 Distributed Energy Resource Managmenet
  • +8 Energy Management
  • +14 Grid Virtualization
  • +10 IT infrastructure security
  • +14 Meter Data Management
  • +13 Outage Management
  • +11 Smart Grid Communication
  • +6 Substation Automation
  • +14 Advance Metering Infrastructure
  • +9 Billing And Customer Information system
  • -13 Center of Excellence for Product Innovation
  • -11 Documentation System to Describe Activities
  • -10 Product Certifications
  • -8 Functionalities gap in the solution
  • -12 R&D Spend
  • -12 Products/Solutions Offered
  • -14 New Product Launched
  • -12 Hardware
  • -5 Others, please specify
  • -8 Sub-station Automation
  • -5 Dynamic Line Rating Sensors
  • -6 Fault Passage Indicators
  • -10 Networking Hardware
  • -8 Phasor Measurement Units
  • -13 Smart Meter
  • -11 Smart Swtiches and Controllers
  • -9 Transformer Monitoring Sensors
  • -7 Voltage Sensors
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ORACLE CORPORATION presence in Smart Grid Software

The company focuses mainly on inorganic growth strategies, such as acquisitions and collaborations, to strengthen its product portfolio and gain a competitive advantage. In June 2016, Oracle acquired Opower, a global provider of cloud-based services, for its utilities industry. The acquisition empowered Oracle to offer a complete set of solutions for the utilities industry. These solutions will focus on meeting the overall needs of the value chain. The company also focuses on organic growth strategies, such as new product developments. In March 2017, Oracle introduced the Oracle Utilities Operational Device Cloud Service (ODCS), a new cloud offering that enables utility firms to further automate the management of grid assets and devices at a lower TCO. Oracle has become a key vendor in the smart grid market. Oracle operates most of its business through indirect channels, including independent distributors and value-added resellers. For the manufacturing of hardware products, the company mostly relies on thirdparty manufacturing partners. Oracle’s internal manufacturing operations include materials procurement, assembly, testing, and quality control.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Product Features
  2. Smart Grid Software Type / Billing And Customer Information system
  3. Smart Grid Software Type / Smart Grid Communications
  4. Product Quality and Reliability / After Sales and Support Services
  5. Smart Grid Software Type / Smart Grid Distribution Management
  6. Smart Grid Software Type / Advance Metering Infrastructure
  7. Smart Grid Software Type / Grid Assets Management
  8. Solutions Offered / Software
  9. Solutions Offered / Service
  10. Services / Consulting