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Open Systems International provides state-of-the-art and high-performance automation solutions for utility firms across the globe. The company’s solutions include SCADA systems, network management systems, EMS, DMS, OMS, GMS, substation automation systems, data warehousing analytics, situational awareness systems, individual software and hardware products, and smart grid solutions for utility operations. Open Systems Internationa solutions empower utility firms to meet operational challenges at a lower ownership cost. Open Systems Internationa offers the Spectra solution, Monarch/SGP, and OSIRIS Platform for smart grid management. These solutions are built upon the ADMS platform. Spectra comprises an absolute set advanced functionalities and applications. It can improve security and perform internal and external analysis. Request OSI Pricing to get more information.


The Monarch/SGP supports multipeak and service-oriented architecture for easy integration of components, such as AMI and OMS. The OSIRIS Platform gathers data for local substations and is a multifunctional system for information gathering. These solutions are supported by instinctive Graphical User Interface (GUI), which helps customers monitor and control resources. The standardized solutions allow the integration of diverse hardware, database technology, operating system (OS) platforms, and virtualization platforms based on user requirements.


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    After Sales and Support Services
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    Support and Maintenance
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    System Integration and Deployment
  • +13
    Grid Asset Management
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    Demand Response Management
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    Distributed Energy Resource Managmenet
  • +8
    Energy Management
  • +13
    Outage Management
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    Smart Grid Communication
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    Substation Automation
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    Grid Assets Management
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    Smart Grid Communications
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    Smart Grid Distribution Management
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    Sub-station Automation
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    Product Certifications
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    Functionalities gap in the solution
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    Products/Solutions Offered
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    Documentation System to Describe Activities
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    Networking Hardware
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    New Product Launched
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    R&D Spend
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    Advance Meter Infrastructure
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    AMI Analytics
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    Grid Virtualization
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    IT infrastructure security
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    Meter Data Management
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    Others, please specify
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    Advance Metering Infrastructure
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    Billing And Customer Information system
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    Dynamic Line Rating Sensors
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    Fault Passage Indicators
  • -8
    Phasor Measurement Units
  • -13
    Smart Meter
  • -11
    Smart Swtiches and Controllers
  • -9
    Transformer Monitoring Sensors
  • -7
    Voltage Sensors
OSI Presence in Smart Grid Software
Open Systems International was established with a vision to create an extraordinary software and services company that has customer service and innovation as its fundamental cornerstones. The company has established itself globally as an automation solutions provider for the utilities vertical. Open Systems International’s core strength lies in offering innovative products and solutions. In 2016, the company inaugurated a new subsidiary, Cumulo which offers cloud-based applications for the utilities industry. The company focuses on organic growth strategies for expanding its market reach. In 2016, the company enhanced its delivery model by making its Cumulus cloud architecture available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to serve SCADA, EMS, GMS, DMS, and other smart grid solutions, such as demand response, renewables management, Volt/VAR control, and asset monitoring. This established an alternate delivery channel for the company. Open Systems International develops its technological products and solutions in the US and does not outsource or off-shore its components. The company provides the best customer value in the cybersecurity domain. From 2014 to 2016, it surpassed all its competitors in terms of sales, customers, and growth rate numbers, while maintaining an unmatched customer satisfaction rating of nearly 100%. Open Systems International has a strong partner ecosystem that comprises alliance partners, solution partners, and associations. The company is dedicated to helping its customers with their on-going business initiatives by driving more value out of utilities AMI investments and processes.
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