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Hootsuite Pricing & Demo

Hootsuite Overview

Hootsuite social media analytics software manages all social media alerts and activities in one place. This tool helps the users to track all social media channels and networks and keep a record of them. It reads all the responses that come on the user brand and helps to give an instant reply.

Hootsuite Pricing

Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized Hootsuite  pricing based on your needs. For the best Hootsuite pricing plans, contact the vendor. Hootsuite offers the customers with four segments of payment structure, ranging from Rs 1,915 per month to Rs 45,000+ per month.

Below are a few
Hootsuite pricing plans- 

  • Professional pack- Rs. 1915 per month for ten social profiles for one user.
  • Team pack- Rs 7,540 per month for 20 patterns for three users.
  • Business pack- Rs.45,000 per month for 35 social profiles for five users.
  • Enterprise pack- Depends on customer requirements.

Hootsuite Demo

Hootsuite social media analytics provides a free trial of 30 days once the user has logged in for all versions of software/ Hootsuite also provides beginner-level demos on its website in the form of illustrations and videos to acquaint the users with all its functionalities. One can send a detailed email to the company with their scope of work for requesting additional insights into their elaborate list of features as well.


Content Curation

  • Integrates all the social media updates relating to customer brand and fetching all the trending data.
  • Stores all the media files in the client cloud file and keeping the data protected.


  • Saves time of the user by scheduling all the social media updates in one place.
  • Keeps the client's social media account 24*7 active with fresh updates.

Social Analytics

  • Keeps tracking social media reports and the campaigns through comprehensive reporting. 
  • Measures and compares the ROI of owned and paid media.


  • Keeps monitoring social media through hashtags, likes, comments, keyword, and locations.
  • Follows social media conversation through surface conversation matters like keywords.

Hootsuite USP

Hootsuite social media analytics manages all the social media profiles in one place. It integrates all social media responses relating to the customer brand and initiates a reply. The customers are provided free reports of the monitoring and scanning of the useful data in the mail.

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Hootsuite Reviews

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“Active on social media"

Hootsuite follows the client profile 24*7 and tracks all the feeds for future reference, making the job of managers streamlined and easy to track.
General Manager,Company Name Classified
General Manager, Company Name Classified
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“Data Scheduling"

The software excels in the scheduling of data and keeps monitoring the social media with keywords, hashtags, and searches.

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#5 Applications Catered / Risk Management and Fraud Detection


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