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HypeAuditor USP

HypeAuditor’s platform harnesses the power of machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision to offer insights into audiences. Brands can learn how influencers drive interest, find out about fake accounts, and disrupt their activity. It can help companies find the perfect fit in influencer accounts and run successful marketing campaigns. It uses AI algorithms to identify an audience’s interest and help brands stretch their marketing budgets. Available tools ensure that a brand connects with the best influencers and real followers. Request HypeAuditor Pricing to get more information.


HypeAuditor Social Media Analytics Software is a platform which is exclusively used to check Instagram accounts for genuineness, Powered by AI technology, HypeAuditor’s sole focus is to provide predictable service to every brand by checking Instagram’s Influencer accounts for validity. AI algorithms check out fraudulent accounts to make the marketing process fair, transparent, and effective. HypeAuditor Social Media Analytics Software connects authentic influencers with brands to drive business growth.

HypeAuditor Pricing

Based on your business requirements, information on HypeAuditor pricing subscriptions is available on the company’s website. Listed below are HypeAuditor pricing modules-

  • Free to account holders- dashboard access, a preview of reports, account tracking, weekly reports by email
  • Reports only plan- $149 for 10 reports (YouTube or Instagram, reports valid for 1 year; updated every month)
  • Starter plan- $299/month
  • Pro plan- contact the company’s sales department for further details


HypeAuditor Demo

HypeAuditor Social Media Analytics Software offers free demos to potential users to acquaint them with the platform’s features and its functionalities. Interested users can also set up a free account before deciding on what plan they want to pay for.


Enhanced user definition 

  • Show a breakdown of influencers by country, city, and demographic areas
  • Allow for better local advertising of brands 

Influencer Analysis

  • Uses 35+ metrics to authenticate influencers 
  • Uses best in class tools to detect fraudulent accounts

Smart tracking solutions 

  • Use analytics to measure growth on Instagram 
  • Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on YouTube and Instagram


  • Get customized reports of competitor activities
  • Generate reports of current market trends 


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HypeAuditor Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Useful statistics”

Tools offer deep insights into a brand’s audience and its activity. The focus on audience quality is the biggest driver to use HypeAuditor in marketing our brand. A worthwhile investment!
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Focusing on audience quality”

HypeAuditor has helped brands and influencers to ensure that audiences are authentic and organic. Incredibly easy to use and insights garnered by using this program are valuable.
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