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Simply Measured provides a full set of analytical solutions to measure results and quantify performance, using the data obtained from various social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It provides functionalities to filter by channel, media type, text, and hashtags for any profile. Organizations can use that information to determine what, when, and where posts can be added for increased customer engagement. Custom profile groupings can be created across all media channels to conduct competitive analysis. Competitive analysis can be done by comparing the social footprint of all the players to understand their offerings and improve their own performance. Request SIMPLIFY360 INC Pricing to get more information.


Simplify360 offers following features-
  • Social Listening- Simplify360 tracks specific keywords and provides the most recent social media updates about a business and its competitors. It also offers real-time monitoring and analysis dashboard.
  • Social analytics- Derives actionable insights from thousands of conversations that provide easy data extraction in excel format and customizable dashboards for data visualization
  • Publishing Console- Manages social content better by accessing it all under a single platform. And schedules messages by convenience.
  • Social CRM- Enable users to build better relationships with customers through an easy response management platform that provides real-time dashboards for performance measurement. Also provides agent performance report in pdf/excel


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  • +8
    Brand Management
  • +11
    Campaign management
  • +7
    Customer behavioral analysis
  • +8
    Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
  • +13
  • +7
    Diagnostic analytics
  • +12
    Governmnet and Defense
  • +11
    IT and Telecom
  • +5
    Predictive Analytics
  • +9
    Retail and eCommerce
  • +13
    Any other professional service
  • +12
    Training and Education services
  • +13
    Full Time Equivalent
  • +12
    Hosted / On-Cloud
  • +11
  • +9
    Product Demos
  • +14
    Subscription / Licensing
  • +13
    Technical Support
  • +6
  • +11
    Product Features
  • -11
  • -14
    Managed Services
  • -11
    On-Site Support
  • -10
    Competitor benchmarking
  • -13
    Content optimization
  • -14
    Customer Support
  • -9
    Marketing meausurement
  • -10
  • -10
    Others - Pre-sales Support Activities
  • -14
    Others- Social media analytics
  • -6
    Other - Support Services
  • -12
    Performance monitoring
  • -5
    Per User Basis
  • -5
    Sales Support
  • -8
    Descriptive Analytics
  • -8
    Energy and Utilities
  • -10
    Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • -14
  • -5
    Media and Entertainment
  • -9
    Other Industry Verticals
SIMPLIFY360 INC Presence in Social Media Analytics Software
Simply Measured is headquartered in Washington, US and does not have any other subordinate offices in the other regions. According to Simply Measured, most of its clients are enterprise brands, catering to eCommerce, retail, and travel and hospitality verticals. The company’s primary mode of sale is its official website. Customers can evaluate its products based on a personalized demo provided on the website and accordingly purchase it. The company also launched new products to improve the CEM. Moreover, it launched the sales and marketing measurement API in July 2016 to help the marketing teams to get all their social media data, unified, structured, and standardized, without the need to maintain multiple data sources, connections, and workflows. The company’s inorganic growth strategy includes acquisition. The acquisitions have benefited the company to increase its product offerings in the market. For instance, in October 2015, the company acquired DataRank, which helped Simply Measured to integrate DataRank's social intelligence technology and Simply Measured’s expertise to offer organizations a more comprehensive analytics solution in the fast-growing social media analytics market.
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