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Sysomos provides its products through Sysomos social media marketing and analytics platform and caters to various industry verticals, including marketing, customer care, research, human resource, legal, and operations. The Sysomos social media marketing and analytics platform gives businesses deep insight into their customers through social media marketing and provides a comprehensive analysis of the size of the audience, engagement, and their demographics. Further, it enables businesses to perform competitive analysis and helps in designing effective business strategies. Request SYSOMOS Pricing to get more information.


For brand marketers, Sysomos platform manages owned and paid social media, and other functions, such as engagement, publishing, listening, curation, and analytics using a single platform. The company provides services, including professional services, and customer support in order to provide its customers with better experiences. Sysomos provides its services to enterprises through the cloud deployment model.


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    Level of Support Services
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    Remote Support
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    Full Time Equivalent
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    Hosted / On-Cloud
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  • +9
    Product Demos
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    Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
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    Subscription / Licensing
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    Predictive Analytics
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    Any other professional service
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    Support and maintenance services
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    Training and Education services
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    Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
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    IT and Telecom
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    Product Branding
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    Retail and eCommerce
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    Products/Solutions Offered
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    Managed Services
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    Campaign management
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    Energy and Utilities
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    Media and Entertainment
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    On-Site Support
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    Brand Management
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    Content optimization
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    Others - Pre-sales Support Activities
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    Others- Social media analytics
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    Other - Support Services
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    Per User Basis
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    Risk Management and Fraud Detection
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    Technical Support
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    Descriptive Analytics
  • -7
    Diagnostic analytics
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    Governmnet and Defense
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    Healthcare and Life Sciences
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    Other Industry Verticals
  • -6
    Prescriptive Analytics
SYSOMOS Presence in Social Media Analytics Software
Sysomos is a social media analytics and marketing solutions provider, caters to the multiple industries. The company has extensively adopted the inorganic growth strategy to broaden its customer base and strengthened its product portfolio by launching and upgrading the products. The recent initiative in this pursuit was the acquisition of gazeMetrix, in September 2015. gazeMetrix is a provider of image recognition and visual listening platform. The acquisition of these platforms has been helping Sysomos’s customers in monitoring the visual products and understanding their customers in context. Further, with a focus on enhancing its social media platform solutions, Sysomos, in July 2015 acquired the Expion LLC, an enterprise social marketing platform provider. This acquisition helped Sysomos in providing its users with analytics solutions combined with Expion’s service solutions which allow their users to understand customer’s behavior and communicate with them on social media Further, the company also focuses on its R&D activities to boost its existing product portfolio as well as introduce new solutions in the social media analytics market. For instance, in April 2017, the company launched a smart and comprehensive social marketing platform, which combines all the social management functions such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling and helps businesses in discovering insights, organizing campaigns, and gaging the efficiency of those efforts. The company has direct sales channel for business customers.
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