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Sheetgo USP

Sheetgo makes automation democratic and offers features that help collate large amounts of data without much ado. It’s a simple tool to automate everyday tasks using spreadsheets- it enables work teams and individuals to build an automated system for any business task. Sheetgo takes remote collaboration to another level and boosts the collaboration power of Google docs. Using this tool frees up time spent on organization, to spend on other pertinent tasks, instead. 

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Sheetgo is an automation tool for office teams, that helps in team collaboration by creating a customized workflow to manage data from a spreadsheet. It doesn’t require coding knowledge, and uses automation to enhance ease of collecting, managing and sharing data. Sheetgo helps boost productivity by streamlining data in connected sheets so it can be easily located, and well organized.  

Sheetgo Features

  • Data transfer
  • Instantly move data from one sheet to another on Sheetgo connections
  • Transfer data from various sources, such as Excel, CSV and TSV files and get updated automatically on data flows without having to open the spreadsheet

  • Efficient collaboration
  • Transfer data to anywhere around the globe automatically 
  • Boost the power of Google docs to increase productivity, by creating a custom workflow and connecting sheets 

  • Data consolidation 
  • Manage large amounts of data in one place and also allows merging of files, either from different folders or individually
  • Import data from various sheets and manage it easier with one master sheet 

  • Distribution and combining data 
  • Control who gets access to what data with multiple parties-  to clients, customers or stakeholders automatically 
  • Export data from multiple spreadsheets 

  • Saves time on organizational tasks 
  • Free up time for the team by creating custom workflows to pursue other tasks like analysis 
  • Manage every connection on the app

Sheetgo Pricing 

Based on the number of users, Sheetgo offers four different types of Sheetgo Pricing plans, on monthly and annual billing cycles. A free version is available for up to five users, with limited features. Custom solutions are also available on request. Sheetgo Pricing can range within $9 to $59, per annum. Here are the pricing segments of Sheetgo: 

  1. Free - $0/ year
  2. Starter - $ 9/ year
  3. Advanced - $19/ year
  4. Professional - $59/ year 

Sheetgo Demo

Sheetgo offers a free demo to users, to acquaint themselves with the usability and features of the tools available. A demo session can be booked on request, on the website. 


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Sheetgo Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Handy to Manage Large Swaths of Data”

Spreadsheets can be exported easily from various sources like excel and google sheets. They can be used to prepare dashboards and reports, quickly. It doesn’t require prior knowledge of any specialist software or coding. The ease of use and time saved is a luxury obtained by the end users of this platform.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 05, 2020

“Dynamic and Easy-to-use Software”

Sheetgo offers a plethora of features that help in getting more work done in less time, and breaks down the fuss of copy-paste, and swapping emails. It is precise and organized, and anyone can benefit from the powerful tool.
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