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eduWare USP

eduWare is a  fully customized student information system for schools, especially, for all the educational colleges, to enable smooth functioning of the software. The SIS is expected to be cost-effective and easy-to-use and will offer security benefits to clients. eduWare is desktop application based on client server architecture. It covers entire school activities right from admission process to issuing transfer certificate to the student. Request eduWare Pricing to get more information.


eduWare offered by Arth Infosoft offers key benefits, such as Student Identity (ID) card generation, automatic generation of percentile rank report, simplification of student attendance track record, the expeditious search of the alumni, and easy finding of student emergency contact records. The eduWare product offers simplified and better bulk data storage of students. It helps in generating examination reports, student behaviour reports, and many more things efficiently.

The student information system offers different types of modules covering all the aspects of schooling and the processes related to schools and colleges. eduWare can be integrated with external applications and can be collaborated with other systems to give one unified view to the user.

eduWare Pricing

eduWare pricing plans are highly competitive as compared to other vendors and provide a lot of benefits in form of modules. eduWare pricing plans include a free version for small institutions and a free trail to get used to the system. eduWare pricing plans are extremely competitive as it is provides innovative student information systems solutions specifically for school resource management.


The demo can be scheduled to see how effective the features are and full demo can be requested after the pricing is decided and installations are at place. The free trail allows user to get hands on experience with the software.


  • School Administration: The schools admins can use this module to form new policies and can set up shifts, fee structure, holidays and other student information. The administrators can monitor and track whole admission process and have access to all kinds of reports such as class wise performance, attendance and all result related information.
  • Student Management: This module helps institutions to enrol new students based on specific guidelines approved by the top authorities. This module allows schools and colleges to store student details, parent details, and generate various student related reports.
  • Attendance Management: This module allows automating the attendance process as the faculties record attendance in a particular sheet and all the respective sheet are then consolidated to give a unified view and track every students attendance. This module can be user to send alerts to parents if the attendance of any student is low which can affect on exam results.
  • SMS Notifications: School can send alerts in form of SMS notifications in case of any absence. These can include results, absent, announcement related information. Using this module the SMS can be sent in bulk eliminating manual intervention.
  • Account Modules: This module helps to manage the school accounts completely. This module can be integrated directly with Tally software in order to manage the balance sheet easily. Student fees, collections, employee’s salary etc finance related any kind of activities can be managed by this module


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