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CampusNexus Student
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CampusNexus Student USP

The software is supported by automated financial aid and billing adjustment services that enable flexible term structures. Moreover, the solution has built-in CRM solution that helps institutions gain a 360-degree view of every department's interactions with each student. This feature in CampusNexus solution helps institutions boost enrolment, retention, and placement results.

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The solution offers key functions, such as strategic enrolment management, academic management, academic records, curriculum management, student progress tracking, and graduation processing. The solution enables early alerts, student services, retention, career services, and regulatory and compliance reporting. Moreover, the company offers CampusNexus cloud options for cost-effective and SaaS-based solutions.

The software enables flexible term structures supported by automated financial aid and billing adjustments, helping administrators to stay focused on students. The solution is a dynamic solution that grows and transforms along with the institution, and allows institutions to create new strategies as students evolve with new technologies.

CampusNexus Student Pricing

CampusNexus pricing is not disclosed directly on the website but it can be obtained by contacting the specific team from the website. According to various sources, CampusNexus pricing plans are dynamic and are highly competitive. CampusNexus pricing plans provides features right from student enrolment till; student graduation.

CampusNexus Demo

The demo of software can be accessed from website as well as from YouTube. The video is a quick tour of the features of solution and its capabilities to help institutions and students to have better study experience.

Features of the solution include:

  • Strategic Enrollment Management: Leveraging the most advanced features to get engaged with students in a meaningful and personalized way and exceed service expectations throughout recruitment and enrolment processes.
  • Academic Management: Flexible student information system to transform curriculum planning and course scheduling and meet students’ needs on campus, online, and through blended programs.
  • Academic Records: Support enrolment processing through well-timed course scheduling, administer waitlists, automatically apply tuition and fees, document each student’s academic history, and protect academic standards.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Institutions can track student records and their academic progress. Gainful Employment compliance reporting is possible through this feature. Institutions can build customized transcripts and for decision making process executive, managerial, and operational dashboards are available.
  • Curriculum Management: Institutions can plan academic curriculum and identify pre- and co-requisites, define grade schema, and retake policies. It can also identify faculty eligible to teach courses, determine facility needs, equipment, and book requirements for each course and class section.


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CampusNexus Student
72 Buyers Negotiating
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