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Ellucian Colleague Student
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Ellucian Colleague Student USP

Ellucian offers robust solutions catering to the education industry by continuously improving its offerings to meet the demands for its customers and increase its growth, primarily through inorganic growth strategies. It is gaining significant traction in the market and increasing its customer base and revenue. The company is one of the largest providers of cloud-based solutions in higher education and has customers in more than 1,400 institutions globally. Request Ellucian Colleague Student Pricing to get more information.


Ellucian is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the higher education industry. It offers ellucian colleague solution for the higher education industry.  This solutions offer the benefits of personalized student experiences, optimized performance, reduced costs, and accelerated growth for education institutions.

The software has many benefits and provides students the technology to view their grades, register for new courses and manage their profiles from the device. This platform gives the power to students to achieve their goals by constantly engaging with them at every step. Apart from these, the software also empowers institutions to focus on serving the students by streamlining the student information processes.

Ellucian pricing

Ellucian pricing is not publicly available on the website, but can be obtained by contacting the sales team of the company. Ellucian pricing is very competitive as compared to other software providers. Ellucian pricing helps institutions to attract more students as it provides a lot of features.

Ellucian demo:

The users can schedule ellucian demo for various products according to the need. The demo can be either via online mode or can be scheduled on site where the software is deployed. Ellucian demo covers all the features of the software and allows user to get hands on experience. Ellucian also provides technical support at times when software needs to be updated or if any query arises.

The features of the software include:

  • Lively Experience: This software allows administrators to manage the student lifecycle from admission to graduation. It also allows students to manage their online courses and their parking passes and also registration for new courses.
  • Student consulting and advising:  This software allows users to access student information so that the consultants can help students to achieve their goals and targets. This also allows consultants to help students who are at risk to improve their grades.
  • Mobile Access: The student information can be provided anywhere and anytime using mobile devices. This will improve efficiency of coaches to deliver results and will help students to access the courses remotely.
  • Alerts and Notifications: The software uses alerts and notification tools to deliver notifications about con going courses and other data on mobile devices. This will help students to never miss a deadline of any project.


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Ellucian Colleague Student
61 Buyers Negotiating
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