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Jenzabar One is a flexible, cloud based platform only for higher education students and institutions. The wide range of technology products and services provides campus with mobile-friendly solutions to drive institutional and student success. Jenzabar student is one of the products provided on this platform which maximizes the engagement with students with all in one unified student information system.

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The Jenzabar One suite includes Jenzabar Student, Jenzabar Advancement, Jenzabar Finance, Jenzabar Financial Aid, Jenzabar Human Resources (HR), Jenzabar eLearning, Jenzabar Recruitment, and Jenzabar Retention. Jenzabar Student offers a complete set of integrated modules including Jenzabar Registration, Jenzabar Advising, Jenzabar Student Life, and Jenzabar Events.

Jenzabar Student helps institutions to connect with any department quickly through a centralized database. Moreover, it offers the benefits of real-time information across campus, streamlined workflows, optimized business processes, and automated operations. Jenzabar Student allows institutions to access a 360-degree view of students with a configurable, integrated offering designed specifically for higher education.

Jenzabar student is built on Microsoft SQL server platform which gives it a unique cloud based architecture and better uptime. Jenzabar Student connects whole institution through a centralized database and repository and a complete suite of fully-integrated modules.

Jenzabar pricing

Jenzabar pricing plans are directly not available on the website but can be obtained by contacting through the website and raising a query related to Jenzabar pricing. Jenzabar pricing plans are extremely competitive as it is an industry leader in providing student information systems solutions specifically for higher education.


The demo offers use of innovative software solutions and services to help institutions meet the demands of the modern student. This also demonstrates cloud-ready, mobile-friendly student information systems and how to integrate with other systems. The demo also allows user to see how the software evolves with latest technologies in the market space.


  • Student Registration: This platform allows institutions to streamline and automate certain repetitive tasks and manages all enrolment data quickly and effectively. Ability to define and configure categories for competitive based education. Ability to verify and update student records and provide accurate data whenever needed.
  • Student Advising and consulting: This allows the institution to provide information to advisors as well as students to effectively manage their academic progress. It also provides 24X7 accesses to degree requirements and completion status. Administrators can easily plan future course offerings rapidly and precisely by evaluating current course offerings and enrollment.
  • Student life and experience: The Student Life module manages all basic processes and information, including health records, automated assignments, vehicle registration, and student code of conduct. The institution can track and mange all the student related information in real time. This module also stores student emergency contact information.
  • Event management: This module allows institutions to quickly manage and create events which can be single event or multi-part event. This module automatically applies for approval of the locations. Provides check-in features and real time monitoring to review event status


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Jenzabar One
76 Buyers Negotiating
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