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Tribal Higher Education USP

Tribal Edge product is the enhancement of the company's existing SIS product and will continue to support the SIS offering in the future. These initiatives of the company help clients use the most upgraded and enhanced version of SIS products that lead to student success. Request Tribal Higher Education Pricing to get more information.


Tribal Edge provides solutions and tools for staff and students they need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of education. This platform is easy to use and is designed specifically to power students and staff performance in the era of modern education.

The student information system manages the complete student lifecycle right from admission process to graduation. This platform also provides daily support and on-boarding support for students. This platform automates daily processes and helps institutions to increase efficiency.

The platform allows institutions to collaborate with their future students as soon as they apply for the admissions and can communicate effectively and guide them through the on-boarding processes. This platform is known for transforming student management and student experience.

Tribal Edge Pricing

Tribal edge pricing plans are directly not available on the website but can be obtained by contacting through the website and putting a query related to Tribal Edge pricing. Tribal Edge pricing plans are extremely competitive as it is an industry leader in providing student information systems solutions.

The Demo

The demo for the student information system can be requested after the institution installs the software. This is either cloud based or on premise solution and demo includes the understanding of the benefits and features of the solution.

The Features of the software include:

  • Impressively Intelligent: Using innovative and industry-leading cloud architecture allows the platform to have artificial intelligence at its core and also helping students to achieve their respective goals.
  • Open and collaborative: The solutions provides open API’s which allows this software to collaborate with other solutions provided by tribal as well as third party applications which will help institutions to have whole system in one unified view..
  • Safe & Secure: The platform has been built with security at the highest priority, incorporating global security standards and advanced threat protection. Securely encrypted and entirely the policies comply with the latest GDPR data protection policies.
  • Regular Updates: The need for external servers is eliminated as it is purely cloud based platform. Continuous updates mean that students and staff are always on the latest and most secure version. The platform has ability to toggle new features options on and off as soon as they are released. This means no downtime, minimal impact and greatly simplified IT monitoring.
  • Customizations: This platform can be customized as per the needs of students and how a student would like to have experience with the system effortlessly.


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Tribal Higher Education
65 Buyers Negotiating
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