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Unit4 CAMS Enterprise
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Unit4 CAMS Enterprise USP

Unit4 Student Management includes capabilities to administer housing facilities and rooms which include roommate assignments and payments from within the core system and also includes functionalities for assessments and academic progress. These functionalities deliver a complete 360° view of each student's progress and achievements. This enables institutions to monitor the progress of their students, and manage and amend the ever-changing institutional rules.

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Unit4 offers Unit4 Student Management solution built to meet the ever-changing needs of clients. This solution enables streamlining of application processes, consists of relationship management tools, and offers configurable workflows. It offers the benefits of intuitive user experience, 360-degree CRM visibility of students and constituents, availability of actionable data and analysis, and reduced costs.

The company offers Unit4 Student Management solution for higher education and research institutions with enhanced support services for client strategies regarding the entire campus and student life cycle. With Unit4 Student Management (SM) the institutions can free up people for what matters for students to learn and grow as teams support and inspire them.

Unit4 Pricing

Unit4 pricing plans contain all the modules and features required to automate and store student information in institutions. Unit4 pricing plans are not disclosed by the company on website but can be obtained by raising a query for the requirement of the quote. Unit4 pricing plans will be highly competitive and the user will get more benefits at low cost and can upgrade at various intervals as it is cloud based solution.


The demo shows what people experience can do to the current systems and how it can be improved. Unit4 offers personalized demo in which it demonstrates its solutions and how to use them in real time. It also shows how modern technologies can be leveraged to build a efficient student information system.


  • Admissions: Administer the complete recruitment procedure from the prospect stage all the way through to admissions. Reorganize the submission process and computerize administrative responsibilities to help recruiters stay focused on converting more prospects to admitted students.
  • Academic Management: This allows institutions to streamline curriculum activities with more control and flexibility. The user can have a complete 360-degree-view of students, including course enrollment, progression, and course options/requirements.
  • Financial Aid: Manage and automate financial aid, institutional loans and scholarships from the recruiting stages through to enrollment.
  • Billing Process: Allows institutions to manage the billing process securely and with confidence and ensuring that no bills or payments are missed. This features give a central view on the fee statements, invoices and many more. This is specifically designed for accounts team.
  • Reporting & Analytics: See key information at a glance, in real time, including query lists, tasks to do and abnormal situations or alerts. Produce standard reports, user-defined reports or ad hoc reports in multiple formats. Visualize, understand and work with the data that is relevant through built-in analytics dashboards.


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Unit4 CAMS Enterprise
73 Buyers Negotiating
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