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Workday Student
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Workday Student USP

The system is full cloud-based SIS. The company is specifically focused on offering enhanced features for multimedia and supporting factors for enabling student success. The system includes student recruiting, admissions, curriculum management, student records, academic advising, financial aid, and student financials. The system offers the benefits of simplified curriculum management, academic insight management, and automated financial aid.

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Workday offers faculty and SIS known as Workday Student. This product offers key benefits such as enhanced visibility into student progress, student and faculty empowerment through self-service capabilities along with a user-friendly interface, increased engagement and adoption with mobile capabilities, efficient resource planning, and reduced costs.

The system includes built-in analytics, flexible academic foundation, and an embedded engagement system. It offers enhanced functionalities for managing student recruiting, student admissions, student records, and student financials.

Workday Student Pricing

Workday Student pricing for its student module is not directly available on its website but according to sources it is estimated to be around $ 1.5 MN for a year for institutions. In this Workday pricing plan institutions can gain real time insights with advanced analytics, dashboards and grade sheets. Workday pricing plan also includes engagement of students with personalized experiences of courses. Workday pricing plans can be upgraded at any moment as per the institutional requirements.

The Demo

The system work seamlessly with all the products from workday. The demo comprises of two online videos. One is the overall understanding of basic features and other is the student experience video which is extended one and provides view on how students will experience this software. The demo is available for free.

Features of the system include:

  • Recruitment of Students: This allows institutions to easily find the students suitable for their academics and then provide them with best in class guiding materials for the admission process. This also features to run effective campaigns using event management tool. Create recurring recruiting events, such as campus tours.
  • Student Admissions: With this feature the institutions are capable of streamlining the admission process; identify crucial bottlenecks while recruiting students and meet enrolment goals. Easily set and track admission requirements and eligibility.
  • Record Keeping: Institutions are allowed to easily manage all enrolment-related tasks and activities, including registration methods, learning assessments, and completion of educational objectives. Allows a student to plan and access any course from any device. Track program and status changes to manage students’ progress.
  • Financial Aid: The institutions can easily monitor all kinds of aid programs, from federal and state to private sources, to help more students access higher education. Allow students to manage their financial aid requirements anytime, anywhere.


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Workday Student
66 Buyers Negotiating
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