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Course Hero study tools has a well-stocked library of courses by subjects, schools, textbooks, and titles to give students direct access to effective learning material. On-demand expert counselling and earning by contribution makes the platform more attractive for students. The software benefits both students by aiding them to finish their homework, assignment, reports, and tasks while tutors gain income by assisting them with very affordable Course Hero pricing. Request Course Hero Pricing to get more information.


Course Hero study tools is an online learning platform for students to study course-specific resources submitted by a large community of educators as well as students. The platform is packed with study guides, infographics, notes, preparation materials, reports, videos, questions & answer submissions by students and educators. It has a subscription-based plan for students to learn the specific course, get homework done and take advice from experts. Tutors can earn by helping students in their assignments and giving online classes.

Course Hero Pricing

The platform offers two membership plans with basic and premier. Basic membership is free with limited access. The pricing for premier membership subscription is charged at $39.95 per month per user. You can also choose a three-month subscription at $19.95 per month per user or one-year membership with $9.95 per user per month to save more. 

All members can unlock features by submitting their study documents to the library. Connect with support to get more discounts for schools, district or university level access. 

Course Hero Demo

The software offers free membership plans for users to understand the features of this learning platform. You can sign up with the right credentials to enjoy the limited access and upgrade your plan later to enjoy this feature-packed online learning tool.


Here are the main features that define the functionality of this online learning platform. 

A Complete Online learning platform: Comprehensive step by step Textbook Solutions. Topic-wise and subject-wise learning

Certified programs and courses: Classes based learning programs. University and college-based courses

Other exceptional benefits: 24/7 Homework guidance. Special programs for educators to teach and earn. 10,000,000+ lesson plans, study guides, free infographics,


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73 Buyers Negotiating
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Course Hero Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 07, 2020

“Best resources for Academic learning”

In this fast-paced modern age, this software brings that calm and satisfaction with clarity, interactive learning for students in their learning curve.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 07, 2020

“A great way to connect with Qualified Educators”

With this software, you are assured to get 100% professionally trained educators to help you with course-specific learning. An affordable pricing further makes it more valuable.
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