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Newsela Study Tools
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Newsela Study Tools USP

Newsela is a core education website that gives real-time tasks and non-fictional stories for students. It lets students and teachers highlight queries and make notes. Newsela is a suitable platform that meets the needs of each student. Plus, it plays a crucial role in enhancing reading skills and offers text interaction Request Newsela Study Tools Pricing to get more information.


Newsela is one of the most powerful educational tools. Newsela covers a broad range of events and stories useful for use in classrooms. The topics range from war and peace to money and health, and law to arts and science. This tool is equally beneficial for teachers as well. It creates classroom-ready study materials from reliable content providers across the world.

Newsela Pricing

The website offers a vast range of resources in the paid version. Newsela pricing starts at $18 per student for a year. The pro membership costs up to $2000 per class and $6000 for a school. Newsela pricing for a pro version gives access to a bunch of resources.

Newsela Demo

Newsela grants a free version for the learner accounts. It is mainly for students of 13 years of age or older. Newsela’s free version lets you track your progress. However, you cannot get any access to student data. Check Newsela pricing to remove such limitations.

Newsela Features

Here are the plentiful options for students and teachers:

Easy Customization options: It allows teachers to align contents at multiple levels of reading. Easy to adjust information for teachers

A vast source of text sets: Text sets suit students choices . Effortless option to create a new instruction set for the selective theme

Excellent writing and vocabulary support: Easy to write that meets a variety of reading skills. Plenty of word stock to help students learn new words

Better learning for students: Learner friendly tool for all kinds of students. A vast range of content levels to learn, suitable for each student


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Newsela Study Tools
62 Buyers Negotiating
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Newsela Study Tools Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 07, 2020

“Quick log-in and download”

Newsela has a fast log-in option that saves time and energy of students. You can download data into an excel sheet that makes this classroom tech unique and easy to use.
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Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 07, 2020

“Easy to use and suits every class of users”

It is easy to find multiple contents within a short time. Plus the content resources are easy to find and understandable for every type of student. Newsela offers different reading levels for specific students workable for the entire class at the same time.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 07, 2020

“Great for weak students”

The tool helps to boost the reading skills of low-level students.
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