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TIBCO Data Science
California, USA
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TIBCO Data Science USP

TIBCO Spotfire provides a unique and leading solution of data wrangling which is used to prepare the smart and impressive data from raw data sources such as customer feedbacks and comments about the product. Spotfire generates automagical dataflows that records steps on the data canvas, creating an auditable data lineage for easy editing, reuse, sharing, and scaling of analytics across organization.

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Automatic, aligned data wrangling in TIBCO Spotfire lets users connect, blend, clean, and wrangle data from any source including big data stores.


Fast and Easy Inline Data Wrangling

  • Inline data wrangling lets business users make adjustments: Mashup columns and rows from numerous data sources; modify data type, category, and column name; animatedly group columns from visualizations; split smart columns; and cleanse data by replacing wrong or missing values.

Self-documenting Data Canvas

  • As you wrangle data, Spotfire automatically builds a data pipeline on the source view data canvas that documents all the changes made. The data model can be exported for reuse.

Turbocharged Recommendations Engine

  • Automatic recommendations for data structure and relationships in-memory and in-database save time.

Broad, Automated Data Access

  • With native connectors, easily connect to and blend data from relational and NoSQL databases; OLAP; Apache Drill, Hadoop, and Spark SQL; and many others. Natural Language Query lets user search for any data or connector.

Automation & Scalability

  • Spotfire Automation Services automates jobs like data loading, wrangling, transformation, and data and PDF export. Files load using smart memory sharing, serving tens of thousands of users with only a fraction of the memory otherwise required.


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TIBCO Data Science
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