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Aventura Video Analytics Software

Company Overview
Aventura offers robust features and functionalities to its customers through continuous product enhancements and new launches. Cerebrus Intelligent Video Analytics offers various analytics features including perimeter intrusion detection, vehicle monitoring, auto track detection, people counting, left/removed object detection, loitering detection, classification detection, tamper detection, and advanced motion detection. Aventura's Intelligent Video Analytics operates with indoor as well as outdoor cameras. They detect a wide range of surveillance scenarios which involve people, vehicles and other objects. The software automatically adapts to the conditions that it encounters, which happens to be ideal for both experienced and untrained personnel to use.

Aventura provides innovative IP and analog, enterprise-level digital video surveillance systems, intelligent analytics, cameras, fiber, Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) accessories, hardware and software products, and peripheral solutions. Aventura offers robust integration with various platforms, such as access control, intrusion detection, dispatch, analytics, command and control, and unattended ground sensors. Aventura is strongly committed to delivering enhanced video analytics services that enable organizations to provide superior customer services and achieve better productivity. This Intelligent Video Analytics software is ready to use from the box, but can be specifically configured to match the user requirements. It also allows users to set multiple overlapping detection zones and lines, in order to ensure tight monitoring.

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